Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Don't you feel so calm and peaceful when you hear the "sounds of silence"? It may be at the dawn of a new day, when the sun sets or in the middle of the night. There is such a restful peace when nothing is happening. When resting in the Lord we can experience this wonderful feeling, as well. So, take a break from the Christmas festivities, reflect on His goodness and His provisions and that "deep settled peace" will flood your soul. If we put this into regular practice, Christians would be the healthiest people on the planet! Stress and worry can (and will) cause more bodily and mental damage than you can imagine. Let's strive to remain healthy, Amen!

Brotherhood concludes the year with some Christmas music cheer at a few celebrations - Seniors at Faith dinner and Womens AGLOW in Winter Park. Christmas songs were sprinkled into our gospel program including "Silent Night" and "Go Tell It On The Mt." Everyone joined in singing carols - "Joy To The World", "O, Come All Ye Faithful" and "The First Noel" . Many have been waiting for Brotherhoods' new CD release, so we had Christmas package deals, as well. We bundled our CD's, Johns' book, cross necklaces and ball caps in colorful bags at discounted prices. They make wonderful gifts as Brotherhood wanted to give something special back to all our 'Hood supporters!

LATE ADDITION: We thought we were done but Brotherhood has a FINAL 2011 concert on New Years Eve (a first)!! It will be a 1 PM concert at Eastside Baptist in East Orlando of Curry Ford Road. It will be interesting and different but we can't wait to meet our new extended family of God. What a way to end the year - singing gospel music and proclaiming His goodness and faithfulness. Thank you, Jesus!

CLOSING THOUGHT: May we continue to be kind, thoughtful and "full of cheer" throughout the year. May we be as charitable in giving and serving those in need. May we be mindful of our need to stay close to the Father at all times. And, most importantly, may we always remember the true "reason for the season". Thank you, God, for sending your Savior Son to us.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Oh no, it's happening again!! The stores and malls are being overrun with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and now, Christmas items. Retailers don't give shoppers a break but keep bombarding them with things to buy. Yes, it's traditional for turkeys to be carved, families to gather, special church services and, of course, football. But Thanksgiving should not be the only time we stop and give thanks to God for the bounty America enjoys.

Thankfully, Brotherhood can aid in the separation and REAL reason for the year end holidays and celebrations. Brotherhood had a great time at a fall Men's Encounter in Orlando. As always, we enjoyed our time of celebration singing a few selections including "Roll Away" (by request). The men loved singing along with the chorus and provided an unexpected (yet wonderful) echo. It also made me joyfully smile and almost laugh when I saw them rolling their hands in sync and sing/shout "roll away, roll away"! Thank you Lord, we can have such great fun and fellowship!

We also took our final 2011 Sunday "road trip" for a full day of ministry at Spirit Fire Church (Titusville) in the morning and then drove down south to Cooper City Church of God for a PM concert. That's about a 3-4 hour drive to the Ft. Lauderdale area. What a blessed time we had at both places, praise God, meeting new people who enjoy the gospel message in song! We enjoyed it just as much as anyone attending did in presenting our eclectic gospel blend of music.

The spirit of the Lord was truly felt at both churches. True to our mission, we presented the Word as well as the music. Brotherhood emphasized "evangelism" by going beyond the church's 4 walls… "Get Up" and tell somebody now. It's more important to bring the lost to Jesus and than just bringing them to church. Church doesn't save, Jesus saves! Both churches received that message and "Get Up" could've been sung again and again for emphasis.

But, with another "hit" on our hands, we had a "first"! So enthused by the Cooper City audience response and the strong gospel truth in "Ephesians One", Phil asked if they wanted Brotherhood to sing it again! The people's loud response gave us the obvious answer. Boy, did we have a grand old time in the Lord! I'm sure if we asked that same question about "He Made A Change", "Jesus You're So Wonderful", etc. we would've received the same answer.

There was a personal invite for those to receive salvation and altar work prayer for people's financial, emotional and physical needs. Afterwards, we had sweet fellowship with our newly made friends and some old friends and family who came to see us, as well. After a well deserved food stop, Brotherhood swiftly (not speedily) traveled back home to Orlando and into our beds without waking our wives (it was approx. 2AM). I know it was a blessed Sunday because Satan was not pleased by what happened. I know that because it's been a terrible start of the week for me - unexpected bills and a near car accident. But I'm a happy camper because I know who holds my tomorrow and is watching over Brotherhood.The devil will not steal my joy!

CLOSING PRAYER: Thank you, heavenly Father, that You know us better than ourselves. And You know what's best for us as we diligently determine to follow Your leading. Your blessings are not just sufficient but are more than enough, more than we could have ever expected or imagined. We will be forever grateful and mindful of Your goodness towards us. Amen.

Happy Thanksgiving! Be blessed and be a blessing!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Leaves are falling somewhere in the U.S. informing us that winter's about to start. It's also the signal that harvest time approaches fast. It's also the sign of life's end and we mourn the passing of a gospel great. Jesse Dixon was ushered into heaven on Monday, September 26th; he was 73 years old. His contributions to gospel music over the years will be greatly remembered.

Keep in mind that Jesus will be coming soon and the fields are ripe for the picking (modern translation for "ripe unto harvest"). We all play an important part or role in evangelizing the world. It can be done to the masses like a Billy Graham or on a one by one basis... by you and me! Some may be the tillers of the soil, others seed planters, fertilizers or providing water. At some point, it all comes together where the sinner is ready to receive Christ and is harvested into the kingdom of God!

Brotherhood is preparing for the harvest by reaching out to win the lost and encouraging/ equipping Christians to "get up" and get going! Besides new material, we like to revisit older gospel tunes and dust them off a bit. We presented a ministry mix at an Old Time Gospel Night event (many visitors) and at a Leadership Advance session in September. I still hear comments about Old Time Gospel Night - "we need more of this music", "I was so blessed and uplifted", "I'm so glad I came out tonight!"
Many have been often asked for more Brotherhood CD music. So... we're making ready the release of our live CD titled, "Live... and In Person!" in October. It's crafted from various Brotherhood concerts across Florida and New York and will make a wonderful Christmas gift! John has written a book, "Songs From My Heart" that is unique and different. His compositions have an inspirational story and spiritual application that is shared in this easy-to-read paperback. It's available at amazon.com or can be downloaded in Kindle format.

Pray for Brotherhood as we follow where He leads and opens doors to minister to (1) the unsown seed and (2) the harvest workers.

P.S. I found a wonderful internet gospel radio station; it's www.kwfc.org from Springfield, MO. Being a music survey nut, they present a Top 20 Countdown show every Saturday at 7PM! Give it a try and you'll soon be hooked.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Summer is gone, children are back to school and the weather's about to change (except Florida). August has already given the northeastern US a weather shock. An earthquake and a hurricane - all within 2 weeks! Don't you think God may be trying to get our attention... just a little? Brotherhood is marching forward and ready for some Fall concert dates in the CFL area plus one set for south Florida. Can anyone say "road trip"? As usual, we are preparing to add some new material to the mix while still keeping true to our style. We will move forward with great gospel tunes - past and present.

Also, since many of our friends and "fans" are asking for another CD, we're doing our best to oblige. With no time for the studio, Brotherhood is producing a new live CD taken from our various concerts throughout Florida and New York over the past few years. Quite exciting and quite different! We thank God for this new project!!

On other news... remember that classic Lucille Ball comedy episode? The one where she's trying to find the right way to tell Ricky that she's pregnant. Unknowingly, Ricky sings "She Having A Baby" and then is shocked to discover he's going to be the dad. It's been awhile since John & Deb's daughter, Joy, blessed them with their first grandchild, Braden. Well... they will be grandparents again after nearly 9 years! Their youngest daughter, Melody, (and her husband Jonathan) are expecting the blessed event in early 2012. "Their baby's having a baby!" We pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery. While John is working on grandchild #2, the rest of Brotherhood, Phil, Mel and Dan have surpassed him a long time ago. Well, what do you expect from the "baby" of the group!

THOUGHT TO PONDER: Doesn't time go by so fast these days? Our children have grown, matured, married and are having babies. We know that's the cycle of life but we should also be reminded that our earthly time is limited. The meter is running and we can't feed it - it just keeps on ticking! May we all be ready for that day when time shall be no more. Have "you house/temple" in order just like the parable of talents in Matthew 25. May the Lord God say, "Well done thou good and faithful servant... enter into the joy of thy lord".
Be blessed... see you "down the road a piece".

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I'm having a brutal August and it's not just from the heat! I'm dealing with all sorts of deadlines -work, family, Brotherhood and personal projects. Early fatigue also occurs but Brotherhood has "weathered the storm". Typically, August is our vacation time but we had 2 concerts in 4 days by the end of the first week but that will be it! An early AM concert at Navair, and a blessed first time event at Restoracion Christian Center. Wow, were those people free in the spirit and truly ushered in God's presence even before Brotherhood started singing. Praise be to God, for getting acquainted with believers from another worship group - and in Spanish! We felt a kindred spirit and look forward to continued fellowship with them. The seniors group from our home church made a "road trip" there - we appreciate their support.

Being blessed with good administrative skills does take the edge off those deadlines I mentioned earlier... but I still have to deal with them. I can't run away, hide and see them magically work out all by themselves. It's not the real world we live in and Christians should not treat projects, confrontations, conflicts, disagreements with family or friends any differently.

You may think they go away, but not so. Everyone has a memory and someday they will recall or recount a bad situation that was never brought to conclusion. They will hold it against you for reasons unknown to you. That's where humility and forgiveness comes into play. Christians should be so sensitive to their surroundings, that their heart and spirit remain restless and uneasy until it's resolved. I can't hold grudges or remain angry for very long; it's not my nature. So... sooner than later, I'll "step to the plate" and take the responsibility to make things right. Sometimes, I'm surprised when a person asks me for forgiveness because I can't recall any wrong doing.

Isn't that like our Father in heaven who doesn't remember our past sins! Our slate is completely clean. He has separated our sins as far as the east is from the west. In so doing, He brings joy in the morning and we have an assurance that we can always come to Him and seek forgiveness.

Be blessed and love one another!!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Fireworks, picnics, baseball, BBQ's, hot nights, hot daogs, fireflies, heat lightning and lightning bugs are all sure signs that summer is upon us in the USA. I can remember hot times in the city when fire hydrants were our cool relief (no pools), we played outside way past dark and enjoyed the cool breeze a box fan would bring. Air conditioners were not for everyone and central air wasn't quite needed in NYC.

After a quick dinner concert, Brotherhood is also getting some relief before we resume our schedule in August. We are still basking in God's goodness and blessings poured out to His people in the metro NY area. It's a joy to share what God is doing in other parts of America. He's the same yesterday, today and forever. Likewise, He's the same in Florida, New York and California! There will always be a wonderful, spirit connection when we gather with like believers.

Two instances to share:
(1) I was blessed to attend a picnic reunion with folks that I hadn't seen in over 40 years. I was late to arrive, but from a distance, I could see the joy of Christian fellowship. It's as if time stood still and we had never been apart! (2) While driving through a section of Brooklyn, NY, I noticed the different ethnic stores right next to each other - Hebrew, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Indian, Korean, etc. These city people, who many have migrated from foreign lands, live and breathe in the same area or city block. And... they get along!!

Why don't we, as Christians, learn a lesson? Despite denominational differences, we are all the body of Christ. If we don't get along on earth, how will we do so in heaven? So, let's celebrate our American freedom, living in peace and harmony with our brothers and sisters in Christ and everyone else. Let's strive to let the whole world see/know that we can make a difference in our "corner of the world". Amen!!

Until next time!!

Friday, June 24, 2011


No, I don't have a real cousin Vinnie in my family! I have Angelo's, Anthony's, Carmine's, Lenny's, Johnny's, Ronnie's... but no Vinnie's. That's just the name Mel, our bass, uses whenever Brotherhood goes to New York City. It started last year when Mel fell in love with the entire city and his new Italian friends. He wanted to be part of them so much that he temporarily changed his name. "Cousin Vinnie Serruci" surfaces and gets reacquainted with pizza, other Italian food and my real cousins. His pronunciation of Italian words is hysterical but I love it! Our pianist, Dan, now has been added to the mix and I gave him the name of "Vito Salvatore" - cousin to Vinnie (notice the same initials). An entire, wacky story has evolved as to how their fathers came to America... Phil loves the food but has no desire to have a "New York Italian name" - fugetaboutit!!

And, these guys just cracked me up and I laughed so hard that I lost my voice - seriously! And, it happened on both trips. I enjoy these men in music ministry and know God wants us to have fun, too. Father's Day has come and gone but the joy of fatherhood continues. Father God desires good things for His children as we faithfully serve and honor Him. We can't lose in God's economy so let's remember to give Him our very best. May the Father's joy live in your hearts and lives continually. I pray that all the men had a very Happy Father's Day.

God bless and "mangia"!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


June is here... the flowers are in bloom and the smell of cut grass permeates the air! And Brotherhood has been busy in and out of Florida already. We kicked off the month with a concert at First Presbyterian of Lake Mary and followed that up with a return ministry visit to the Big Apple, New York City! We met new folks in Lake Mary and had a wonderful time of gospel music fellowship. We reacquainted relationships with our dear New York friends and family. Once plans were set, the guys could not wait to get back to my home town. They could not stop reminiscing about our 2010 trip - the food, the people, the acceptance and the genuine love of God that was shown at each concert ministry.

Our June 2011 travels took us to Brooklyn, the Bronx, Ossining and Garnerville in Rockland County. Brotherhood delivered some familiar and most requested songs such as "Roll Away" and "Give It Away". A do-wop 1950's style song, "Jesus, You're So Wonderful" was introduced and is now a NY favorite! Plus, Brotherhood added new material - originals ("Get Up!", "I'm Coming Home"), P&W, classics, traditional, current popular gospel and... something for the children.

We felt a strong need to present a message to the Sunday School generation and let them know that (1) Jesus loves them, (2) God can use them, (3) He cares for each one, and (3) by faith they should trust Him to answer prayers - big or small. They are the church leaders of tomorrow. God's presence was truly felt at every church and the altar work ministry was awesome. No words can describe such a wonderful weekend of ministry in song, word and prayer! We believe that this weekend has ordained and directed by God and will impact the churches and their communities!!

Food was remembered because.. it's New York City where the best pizza and bagels can be found within a few city blocks. And, you just can't beat home cooked Italian food (thanks to da Bronx "goombas"). And, of course, great fellowship surrounded the food as the family of God grew to know each other in a new way. It's just an example of what heaven's banquet table will be like! "O taste and see that the Lord is good."

Lastly, I want to share our encounter with Francesca. Brotherhood has adopted a certain Brooklyn diner as their very own. As often as we have been there, we're known as that Florida gospel group who sang at Trinity Tabernacle. Well, after our final concert we had plenty of relax time due and wanted to end it with a late night snack. So... to the diner we went. Francesca was our server and was a gracious and wonderful hostess. She answered our questions and discovered who we were very quickly as we were smiling and laughing heartily (being loud in NYC is OK). She introduced us to the owner and had some great conversation. He then completed our meal with a special homemade dessert "on the house". With the service slowing down, Francesca had time to speak with us and, after some specific questions asked by Phil, she sat down, bowed her head and accepted Christ into her life! I looked at her and saw a different women in front of me. Her face was glowing, her spirit lighter and seemed to have burdens lifted off her shoulders - praise God! She promised to visit the local church ASAP in order to continue her walk with Jesus and fellowship with believers. P.S. She was already familiar with the church and knew the pastor from his diner visits with his family!! God does all things right and His good time.

These NY churches consist of caring, loving people with wonderful pastors who allowed Brotherhood to minister in their special way.They all want us back again and we look forward to another NY trip, the good Lord willing! New York is fertile ground and "ripe unto harvest".

Be blessed... see you real soon!

Monday, May 9, 2011


May usually signifies the coming of Mother’s Day and the warmth of soon-to-be summer, unless you live in a warm climate (like me). Remember your mothers everyday; don’t wait for a special date on the calendar. Tell them how much you love and appreciate all that they’ve done for you. It could also be a grandmother, aunt or dear friend that you consider as a mother figure. Childbirth can be easy but carrying and delivering a newborn is serious business. In some cases, it can be fatal to either life.

Hmmmm… pondering thought: Despite the possibility of harm, injury or death, women still continue to bear children. The negative is far outweighed by the positive benefits, the joy, love and care for your very own offspring. And, no matter how painful those nine months were, it is soon forgotten as laughter, joy and smiles are enjoyed and shared with the “new mom”. The following years nurture the growth of that infant into a mature, responsible person.

Christ bore the entire weight of sin and endured it until the very end! “Surely He bore our sorrows and by His stripes we are healed.” Jesus Christ did not call 10,000 angels to “rescue” Him because of His boundless love for ALL of us. And His death was for all mankind - present and still to come. He did not die for a select few but for all that believe and place their faith & trust in Him. So, stop and think about our Father’s love and the pain endured by His Son on the cross. Can you imagine the smile on His face when someone becomes a Christian and decides to follow Him? He came for the masses yet loves and cares for each one individually. Decide to continue a one-on-one relationship with the One who loved you first.

Be blessed, love your neighbor as thyself… and live in peace!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This past weekend, three quarters of Brotherhood joined a camping trip with married couples and their families from our home church. More than seventy believers spent quality “tent time” together – cooking, eating, playing games, swimming, boating, talking, laughing, praying and singing. Being a “city boy”, I didn’t cherish the thought of setting up and taking down camp with all the stuff in between! But, I wanted to be with my good friends; it was wonderfully refreshing and inspirational! Besides heaven, where else will you find great fellowship with the family of God, nature and our heavenly Father!

At Saturday’s morning devotional, Brotherhood shared a few sing-along choruses that was appropriate for that outdoor setting. And then, as the day’s activities slowed to a crawl, the campfire was started. As moths to a flame, everyone gravitated towards the light and “circled their wagons”. We shared a Q&A session to foster group conversation which led to testimonies of God’s greatness and goodness to His people. The “cherry on top” was the steady flow of spontaneous songs of praise as the fire burned brightly. And it grew even brighter as the Lord favored us with a full moon! My spirit was so charged, I had a very hard time sleeping that night. Sunday’s outdoor service was a delightful mixture of children’s Bible songs, testimonies, "sermonette" and prayer.

It reminded me that no matter how dim life’s road may be, God holds us in the palm of His hand. He holds tomorrow so why should we worry or fret! And, thank you Lord, for taking me from an air conditioned, controlled weekend environment to an unknown, uncommon, rough-it-up-so-what weekend. I may not do it again very soon but is was truly worth it all!

Final Thought: Ah yes, Easter is the “flavor of the month” for the world to celebrate something. Baskets full of candy, new dresses, bunnies and colored egg hunts for the children. However, this is one, if not, the most important celebrations for all Christians. For, if there was no crucifixion AND resurrection, the birth of Jesus Christ would be just another date on the calendar. Remember that God’s love is so great, Jesus Christ would still have gone to Calvary if you were the ONLY person on earth! So, be blessed and be a blessing to someone, as well!

Continue to keep Brotherhood in your thoughts and prayers. After the holidays, we get busy with more practice on new material (always there). Plus, the calendar has us scheduled at First Presbyterian of Lake Mary, FL for a Sunday 5PM concert on June 5th. The following weekend (June 10-12) takes Brotherhood back to the Big Apple again – New York, New York!! Concert details will follow soon so stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Spring is just around the corner (at least in Florida). The buds are blooming, birds are singing and so is Brotherhood. We had a wonderful, uniquely different outreach concert this month. The West Volusia Music Club (WVMC) is a group of former/current musicians, entertainers, etc. that is just north of Orlando. Besides central Florida, members come from Titusville, New Symrna Beach, Deltona, Cocoa Beach and the Midwest corridor. The club hosts concerts each month for its’ members and guests (open to the public). Unique because it’s not the typical “audience” you would see at churches. And, Brotherhood was the first vocal group that WVMC has invited and a first for gospel music, as well!!

Last summer, their president saw Brotherhood and, after attending few concerts, decided to booked us. They wanted lots of music and little talk so… much prayer was placed on this event so that the gospel message was still presented. Being an eclectic group, Brotherhood presented various styles cooked “our way”. A touch of patriotism, a pinch of a classic love ballad, a dash of gospel ‘50’s style and a cupful of good ol’ gospel music!! It was tastefully seasoned in country, light contemporary, southern, Gaither and hymnal gospel sounds.

Praise God, we did our part and it was well received despite our speakers not working. As usual, our sound man readied the equipment for packing. When all was opened and set up underway, we discovered that the speaker power connections were missing! Well, without them you don’t have sound. So, via cell phone instructions, we were able to utilize the hall’s speakers with our mixer and made adjustments “on the fly”. We just knew that what Satan meant to discourage and disrupt, God turned into a blessing! And, despite these challenges, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the concert and can’t wait for Brotherhood to return. A few other church ministry opportunities may result from this event, and we met some wonderful, dear folks. Some were very unassuming.

One gentleman in his late 70’s visited our table before the concert and I had the chance to speak with him a bit. I discovered he was a musician, songwriter, producer, booking agent and former owner of radio stations. He’s also a member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Piquing my interest, I went online to learn more about him. After an accident left him with one arm, he regained confidence to continue playing and singing. In fact, he has a specially built organ allowing him to play with one hand and use his 2 feet to play other instruments at the same time! I listened to his CD and it was wonderful – he truly is a one-armed one man band! I was encouraged and thankful to God that He allows us to use whatever we have to continue a passion. Keep on pressing on and don’t give up, because Jesus Christ did not give up on us! We should be like cheese and fine wine… getting better with age.

THOUGHT: Do you ever hesitate to step out, in faith, to do something for God? It’s like learning to swim. We don’t readily comprehend that when we relax, our bodies will naturally float! We struggle moving our arms and legs and, many times, going nowhere while getting very tired. But when we learn to relax in the process, it all works out – and we swim! God wants us to relax and trust Him for ALL things, big or small. We need to depend on Him for He knows best. The more we struggle to do it ourselves, the harder it becomes. I’ve learned that it’s much easier to surrender to the Father. Why not give it a try, too!

Until next time… be blessed and be a blessing to someone today.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day arrives with much anticipation. Brotherhood is gearing up for that time to proclaim the love of Jesus to everyone. In early February, we held a concert at the “Wild Game and Gospel” men’s praise breakfast. Besides good gospel music, the men were treated to a wonderful breakfast buffet with samplings of deer meat and wild boar sausage. Brotherhood was able to taste some of these treats and test new material on these dear brothers, as well.

We introduced “Jesus, You’re So Wonderful” (a ‘50’s style song), “Get Up!” (original), “Praying Man” (the story of Daniel), the massively popular radio hit “Ephesians One” and “Greater Is He” written by the Crabb family. It was quite an energetic and electric morning of worship and praise; loud like most men like it, too! That morning concert became a worship service complete with altar call as dozens came forward for salvation and a recommitment to Christ.

Brotherhood also shared a few selections at a Men’s Encounter weekend during communion and celebration time. There were close to 200 men in attendance and, by special request, we had to add “Roll Away”. It seems the younger set has really gravitated to that song. It was so much fun singing unto God with an altar area filled with men celebrating God goodness!! In this techie age we live, I noticed some camera phones at work taking pictures and videotaping themselves and Brotherhood – the “live experience”.

We then had a special Valentines dinner event for the +50 generation. The couples truly enjoyed hearing love ballads of yesteryear like “Sincerely” and “Let It Be Me” which led to Christian love songs (well, lots of gospel music are just love songs to Jesus!). Brotherhood shared a few new ones plus “Mansion Over The Hilltop” and “His Name Is Wonderful”. Encores were requested but we were limited on time. Suffice to say, they had a blast!!!

One of my recent daily devotionals was called “defragmentation”. In technology, computers get overloaded and run inefficiently. Over time, it accumulates/stores excessive data that causes computer slowdown. It requires a defragmentation process that removes all unwanted, unnecessary items and results in a faster working computer. That can happen to Christians when we bear so much earthly weight from family, work, etc. that we become sluggish and slow. And it affects our relationship with God, as we tend pray less and read the Word less. We need to undergo defragmentation by asking Him to clear our minds, refresh our spirit and take our load. He will answer and we will be much better off! How big is God? Big enough to create the universe yet small enough to care about “little old you”! Be blessed…

P.S. I want to welcome some “old friends” to News & Views. They are dear church friends who I’ve known since Sunday School class – maybe since cradle time! We’ve had great times and wonderful memories. I truly feel they are just like family – maybe even closer.

Hope to see you all soon.