Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Don't you feel so calm and peaceful when you hear the "sounds of silence"? It may be at the dawn of a new day, when the sun sets or in the middle of the night. There is such a restful peace when nothing is happening. When resting in the Lord we can experience this wonderful feeling, as well. So, take a break from the Christmas festivities, reflect on His goodness and His provisions and that "deep settled peace" will flood your soul. If we put this into regular practice, Christians would be the healthiest people on the planet! Stress and worry can (and will) cause more bodily and mental damage than you can imagine. Let's strive to remain healthy, Amen!

Brotherhood concludes the year with some Christmas music cheer at a few celebrations - Seniors at Faith dinner and Womens AGLOW in Winter Park. Christmas songs were sprinkled into our gospel program including "Silent Night" and "Go Tell It On The Mt." Everyone joined in singing carols - "Joy To The World", "O, Come All Ye Faithful" and "The First Noel" . Many have been waiting for Brotherhoods' new CD release, so we had Christmas package deals, as well. We bundled our CD's, Johns' book, cross necklaces and ball caps in colorful bags at discounted prices. They make wonderful gifts as Brotherhood wanted to give something special back to all our 'Hood supporters!

LATE ADDITION: We thought we were done but Brotherhood has a FINAL 2011 concert on New Years Eve (a first)!! It will be a 1 PM concert at Eastside Baptist in East Orlando of Curry Ford Road. It will be interesting and different but we can't wait to meet our new extended family of God. What a way to end the year - singing gospel music and proclaiming His goodness and faithfulness. Thank you, Jesus!

CLOSING THOUGHT: May we continue to be kind, thoughtful and "full of cheer" throughout the year. May we be as charitable in giving and serving those in need. May we be mindful of our need to stay close to the Father at all times. And, most importantly, may we always remember the true "reason for the season". Thank you, God, for sending your Savior Son to us.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

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