Friday, December 21, 2012


December is the time for people to start scurrying around and planning for the holiday season. They plan & prepare for gift exchange, parties, family gatherings, food, drink and jolly/happy times. Why does everyone seem so much happier when December comes? Why can't that joy continue into January, February and throughout the entire year? What makes the difference in the life of a Christian is the fact that Christmas means the promise fulfilled. The Savior of the world would come to provide the way for all mankind. Someone who would come in the flesh, understand our sufferings and shortcomings... and love us anyway!!

Brotherhood has kept their schedule lean this month but it's truly been on God's timetable. Our concert at Space Coast Assembly (Titusville) was wonderful on many levels. The gospel in song was enthusiastically received through gospel classics and new southern gospel material. Our doo-wop song "Jesus You're So Wonderful" was a crowd favorite and they sang along with many others including "Mansion Over The Hilltop". It felt like revival as most of the congregation came forward for altar prayer. The pastor even requested a repeat of "The Blood Will Never Lose Its' Power" as we concluded the evening. We made many new friends and will return in January for a seniors event, praise God. The Christmas celebration at Winter Park AGLOW was terrific, too! Brotherhood was reacquainted with pastors, church leaders and friends. In addition to our concert, there were carol singing, praise dancers, solos, duets and a special Christmas message before lunchtime. Brotherhood was able to introduce a few new ones that will be incorporated into our program such as "The Lighthouse", "I'm Raised" and "Saved By Grace".

Have blessed Christmas and a wonderful New Year in Christ!

Monday, November 5, 2012


It's quite appropriate for the harvest and Thanksgiving to arrive in the fall. As the seasons change, it's a time for new beginnings - a time of transition. It’s a time to gather the bounty after months of tilling the soil, planting the seeds and nurturing with water. These are the rewards of laborious days in the fields worked by hard working people.

And what about our spiritual labors? Do we feel our prayers aren't answered as quickly as we expect? Always be thankful to God for He does all things well and in His own time. The closer we get to Him, the better we can understand His will. Patience is a virtue that everyone should strive to possess and our prayers do not fall on deaf ears. Our God knows the "how" and "where" and "when" the petitions of His children are to be answered. But remember, thank God daily for who He is and not for what He can do for you.

Brotherhood continually gives thanks our heavenly Father for what He allows us to do. And that's to sing His praises, to encourage believers and bring the lost unto the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. That is our mission.

Until next time, be blessed and be a blessing!

Friday, September 28, 2012


You're familiar with that saying, "the more things change the more they stay the same". The world we live in is ever changing to make life easier and more efficient. However, nothing can alter or change our relationship with the Lord. From everlasting to everlasting, He is God and that's it! He doesn't change, He doesn't sleep, He doesn't take a vacation and He doesn't forsake His children.

As for Brotherhood, we are "chomping at the bit" to get our fall ministry in full swing. However, we are patiently waiting on God's direction. Not easy - but necessary to follow in His will. We had a wonderful September opportunity to minister in song at a local church. Brotherhood was just part of the service but we're confident, by the congregation's response, to return for a full blown concert soon! We immediately felt God's presence as the people entered into worship without hesitation, praise God! Having all the wives present was an extra special treat, too! That's a rare occasion and we appreciate them so much.

With Dan & Mel out of town, Phil's busy with evangelism (he loves it!) and John & his wife had a blessed vacation drive back home to NYC and surrounding areas. The time spent together on the road was just as enjoyable as their NY stay. He is also working on new material for Brotherhood - more great songs are on the way! On a special senior night dedicated to old time gospel music, John served as song leader. Choosing old hymnal favorites, the crowd had a grand old time singing at the top of their lungs! To spice it up, John went around and poked the mike in front of many to catch their singing ability. Good voices everyone!

You're now caught up and we pray you are inspired to do something for Him today. Remember that "little is much when God is in it".

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Friday, September 14, 2012


I'll be on vacation for awhile and wanted to send this out ASAP. The dog days of summer are over (I think) and looking forward to a blessed fall season. The Bible says, "don't look to the left or the right; just keep your focus straight ahead." We should always press towards the mark of the high calling of God. What is that calling? Well, first, it's being part of God's big family through salvation. And then, it's how can you serve God. If you're not sure, why not ask Him for help and guidance? If we love the Father we surely must desire to do whatever we can with the gifts He gives. It could be a prayer warrior, a caring shoulder, a neighbor's help, a listening ear, an elder, a teacher or... a minister (you never know).

Brotherhood has been called to minister in song but that's not for everybody. We enjoy sharing God's loving message to whomever regardless of age, culture, etc. We had wonderful, new concert experiences in August that God prepared. Wide spread announcements (incl. TV) fanned the flame as we held concerts at Upsala Presbyterian (Sanford) and the Full Gospel Businessmen's (FGBM) dinner meeting in Titusville. Had a surprise visit by my good friend, Max Pickering from The Pickerings. This family gospel group has been singing for a LONG time. Like Max has said - "longer and older than asphalt!"

There was a great response from people who truly enjoy good gospel music - old and new. They had no problem joining in as they knew many of the songs. God moved in a very special way at FGBM as we had individual prayer at the conclusion. Clyde was a gentleman who had severe shoulder problems with little movement. Phil sensed in his spirit that God was touching Clyde. A few days later, Clyde called to report he was healed as arm movement had returned - praise God!! Being able to reach into new territories always has unknown/ untold rewards and blessings. We look forward to what else God has in store for us - we'll just wait and see!

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Are you happy or sad that another summer is nearly gone? We have the Summer Olympics, baseball, picnics, beach time and other outdoor activities still available. Very soon, some parts of the USA will start feeling the fall weather and begin wearing jackets and sweaters. Some Brotherhood members took vacation time and a life change, too.

Mel headed for the NC hills, Phil went west to CA and John was visited by his new grandson, Josiah, while working on new songs and original material. Dan is now a retired teacher and is returning to missionary work with his wife! Thank God, Dan will remain with Brotherhood, as their projects involve periodic travels to foreign lands. Their first task deals with language translation of the "Jesus" film in Asia. Pray for them both!

Won't it be great when we reach heaven and we no longer care or worry about the seasons, clothes, work, health, ministry or anything else in life? We plan and consider our earthly future with calculations of life expectancy, cash flow, wills and our anxiety starts to rise. Don't be foolish but also don't worry. Let's keep Christ first and foremost so that He can work in and through us. He will be the One to handle our needs and He will be the One who gets the glory. So, enjoy the summer days that lead into fall and know that God is in control all the time. You'll see how the "release of the reins" will bring peace and satisfaction. As the song says, "there IS joy in following Jesus."

P.S. Look forward to seeing you at one of Brotherhood's August concert dates.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Monday, July 9, 2012


Our nations' freedom celebration took place once again on the 4th of July. As usual, it was highlighted by food, family, music and firework spectaculars. As a proud American, I'm glad to join in this annual event that was made possible through determined efforts of our forefathers and the many wars and lost lives in the process. There had to be a cost.

The American flag is our symbol for freedom - the stripes represent the original 13 colonies and the stars stand for each state in the USA. The story of America's freedom came at a great price but. more importantly, so did our eternal salvation. It was through His shed blood, His bearing of our stripes, His bearing of our sins, the Lord Jesus Christ was a one-man army. That bright Star of Bethlehem showed so much love for all mankind to allow Himself to suffer in agony and endure the pain in human flesh to save us all! And, He would've done so even if there was but one person left in this world. The world, no matter how big or small, needed a Savior and so, Jesus came.

Aren't you glad the HE chose to provide that through His death on the cross? We need to always remember that One Star who wore the Stripes meant for each one of us. May we be forever grateful to our Lord, the sinless & blameless One, who made the way to eternal freedom!

P.S. Be looking for upcoming Brotherhood concert dates in August. And, in other news, The Dixie Melody Boys are looking for a new lead singer. So.. if interested and ready to relocate, feel free to give them a call.

Be blessed and be a blessing!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The time is just flying back and there's much to do in a short span of time. Family matters, end of school year and planned church move to our new complex has kept Brotherhood members busy outside of gospel music! As Father's Day approaches, we are reminded that we are doing the Father's business and seek to honor Him in all things. And, Brotherhood believes in divine appointments (read on).

Brotherhood just returned from our weekend trip to Florida's west coast. At the 3 marvelous concerts in 2 days, we were reacquainted with some old friends and made new ones along the way. It was so good meeting Pastors Ernie, David and Don as well as Steve, Matthew, Vickie, Barbara, Patricia, Helen (the hugger) and so many others!

On Saturday, the folks at Pinellas Park Church of the Nazarene sang along with the old, traditional songs and enjoyed the newer ones, as well. Thanks, Reggie, for your hard work to promote monthly gospel concerts in that Florida region. The Sunday AM concert at Faith Assembly (St. Petersberg) was blessed; Brotherhood always look forward to those morning services. That's when we're able to not only sing, but preach and have altar work time - praise God! We concluded Sunday evening at East Point Assembly (Tampa) where we gave our all to encourage the congregation and uplift the pastor. It was a great way to top off the entire weekend where we saw many receive or rededicate their lives to Christ and prayed a special blessing over the "next generation" of the church.

All the pastors were appreciative but, more importantly, blessed to receive from the Lord rather than give. Pastors need a break to get recharged and re-energized to continue His great work work. Brotherhood looks forward to returning in the future, Lord willing. We had a blast!!

In other news, John continues to write songs and is a contributing gospel music columnist. After hearing about his book, John was contacted by the college editor of his alma mater's magazine "Lehman Today". After an interview to gather some personal/professional updates, they plan to publish his authorship accomplishment in the fall/winter 2012 edition. Thank God for another avenue of opportunity to share God's message.

Keep trusting the Potter's hand for He always knows what's best for us. Be blessed and be a blessing!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Outside of Easter/ Resurrection Sunday, I'm not really a big fan of springtime anymore. Why? Because it's the time we always turn our clocks ahead and lose an hour of sleep. That's what they say about the first night but what happens afterwards? For me, the mind and body take longer to adjust so I awake long before the alarm and start yawning at 9:30 at night! It took me a few weeks to catch up with everything, so I'm thankful that it's finally over! It takes that phrase "to everything there is a season" to a whole new level of meaning for me.

In April, Brotherhood made a return engagement at the Volusia Music Club. We enjoy this event since it gives us the chance to connect with a wide range of talented people from various denominations. Hey... sounds a bit like what heaven might be like!By request, Brotherhood also took part in a Talent/Karaoke night which showcased our "other" talents such as comedy and acting. Dan is, by far, our best at both but big Mel is getting his acting legs under him, as well. Being a New Yorker, the Hee Haw skit was a bit of a stretch for me but was so much fun! Our thanks to Phil for putting it all together - it actually worked. I felt better when we concluded with a few "real" Brotherhood songs. As you can see, Christians can, and do, have fun!

The May schedule is still being worked on with a few ministry possible opportunities in a short window. Brotherhood continues to prepare diligently for our summer weekend road trip. This year we are headed west - west Florida, that is. We'll be in the Tampa/ St. Pete. area June 9-10 and will provide details to all our 'Hood followers living in FL.

Continue to keep us in your prayers and keep going strong for Him. We hope to see you "down the road" sometime soon!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


As the national gospel groups head north, Brotherhood starts revving up their CFL concert schedule. Deciding what new songs should be added to our mix is always challenging but so rewarding and fulfilling. But when a song "connects" with your spirit in such a unique way, you can't let go of it. It constantly runs through your mind and spirit. A phrase from a certain song will pierce my heart, move me to tears or want me to sing at the top of my lungs! Such phrases as "an empty tomb", "He will take you through the fire again", "saved by grace", "the devil had his shot but he couldn't put Me away", "remind me dear Lord". Thank you Lord for this uplifting, soul stirring music!

In March, Brotherhood had the rare opportunity to be part of of a gospel concert series. Life Community Church of God decided to hold a different gospel concert each month. A trio, solo artist and quartet rounded out the unique series intended to bridge the gap by connecting gospel music's tradition to the church and community. Mel, our Kentuckian bass, made a brand new friend connection after meeting the pastors wife - she's also from Kentucky! We had a great time singing and sharing the good news via Brotherhood's unique blend of traditional and non-traditional music along with hymns and sing-a-long praise & worship (see photo attached). And, that doo-wop style song seems to connect with many, as well. As long as the people understand the message, that the Lord is so wonderful, that's all that really matters. We look forward to a return visit!

You know, old time praise and worship singing is becoming a lost art in many churches.The new songs are fine but the wonderful, old hymns and choruses cannot be beat. They hold much more meaning and depth that is not lost even after decades and decades have passed. Brotherhood will endeavor to keep that rich music heritage alive and include such songs in our ministry programs.

NEWSFLASH 1... As you may know, "yours truly" has been writing more than ever and has a featured column in a very popular internet publication, with an outreach to 12 countries. In a recent conversation with my editor, I learned that my March article (Courtney Collingsworth interview) has been the #3 favorite "hit" on the website! The Fans' Hot 40 gospel chart is always numero uno to view. I'm very grateful and thankful to God for the interest many readers have in what I write. I especially enjoy reading your comments so... keep on reading - there's more to come!

NEWSFLASH 2 ... Sunday, April 15th, is more than a tax filing deadline day. Brotherhood will be in concert at Volusia Music Club in Orange City, FL at the First Congregation Church (UCC) on W. University. We look forward to meeting new friends and reacquainting with others.

Continue to keep us in your prayers. We hope to see you "down the road" sometime soon! Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday, too!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


"Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, With the cross of Jesus going on before." That's our battle cry as Brotherhood continues their gospel music ministry. With the desire to be used of God wherever He leads us is all we ask. As we go onward with Him, we remain focused on the task at hand - that's straight ahead. But, we also look upward for His guidance along the way. We just don't know who we will touched by a song that is sung or a word spoken in concert ministry. Emails I've received prove that over and over again. Shouldn't that be the blue print we ALL follow every day? It may not be the spoken word but through our actions and responses to those around us.

Brotherhood's first February events were wonderfully blessed. We had a special time with new and old friends at Garden of Grace, Men's Encounter and a Srs. Valentines dinner. Brotherhood shared gospel standards, doo-woop style and new hits, along with some hymns and praise & worship. Besides our originals, we also introduced a few new ones - " Greatly Blessed & Highly Favored", "The Blood Will Never Lose Its' Power" and "Sweet Jesus". We enjoyed the sweet celebration time at the Men's Encounter and sang with some "new blood" - the young P&W band!

Since the first two dates fell near Valentine's Day, we included a few love songs, as well. We learned that one couple was celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary - they were married on February 14!! The greatest love we all share and experience is the love of our Lord who freely gave His very life for us. And, we will continue to celebrate that great love each and every day.

NEWSFLASH... All you local 'Hood followers!!! On Saturday, March 17th, Brotherhood's concert starts at 6:30PM - Life Community Church of God in Winter Springs, FL (that's right around the corner!). Visit the church's website for more information and directions.

Continue to keep us in your prayers. We hope to see you "down the road" sometime soon!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


February is known as the month to remember our sweethearts and honor them in a special way; be it flowers, candy, dinner and more. Well, why not take the time to also look outward to the world around us - at the hearts of the lost, weak and heavy burdened. Many have called 2012 the year of recession and reconciliation in America. It's also a boom time for evangelism as Christianity is spreading like wildfire in more than seven foreign countries including communist China! Again, we await the doors He opens for Brotherhood since He prepares the way. With our new sound system, we can go anywhere, anyplace, anytime. And we know that when the Lord closes one door He usually opens a window instead!

February starts our 2012 journey of sharing the love of God through gospel music. Brotherhood's 2012 schedule is beginning to fill up quickly, praise God! There are only a few dates left to fill. But before "hitting the road", we will take extra time for new material (we have plenty in the coffers!) and praying for God's best in 2012. I was able to get a few of my recently penned songs in "demo mode", as well. The men are excited about the songs: some fast-paced new gospel "hits" mixed with some great harmony revisits to classics. With our batteries recharged, Brotherhood has three ministry events this month. One is a special cookout concert set for Feb. 11 at Garden of Grace (Winter Park, FL) as an alternative Valentine's Day celebration.

Continue to keep us in your prayers. The end of 2011 saw the enemy attack each member in different ways but we stand firm on His word. The Lord is our Healer, Provider, Deliverer, Savior and soon coming King! If there's one thing certain to remember - Jesus is the Messiah and Satan is a liar! May the Lord pour out His blessings in the short time before His return. Amen.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


There's just nothing like a new pair of shoes, a brand new car or new sheets on a bed. You can feel and smell the freshness they bring. Well, so is the case in our own lives. The year 2011 has quickly passed by and we start a new chapter. How will that begin for you? Do you make resolutions you don't keep? Let's make one that we "stick to" for the entire year. Why not choose to be a better friend of God? The Bible says that "if we draw nigh to Him then He will draw nigh unto us". That means to draw closer and have a better relationship.. but we must take that first step. Try it and see if 2012 doesn't become one of the best years of your life.

Brotherhood's 2012 schedule is beginning to fill up quickly, praise God! Before "hitting the road" in January, we will take extra time for new material (we have plenty in the coffers!) and praying for God's best in 2012. Again, we await the doors He opens for Brotherhood since He prepares the way. With our new sound system, we can go anywhere, anyplace, anytime. And we know that when the Lord closes one door He usually opens a window instead!

Continue to keep us in your prayers. The end of 2011 saw the enemy attack each member in different ways but we stand on His word. He's our Healer, Provider, Deliver, Savior and soon coming King! If there's one thing certain to remember - Satan is a liar 'cause Jesus is the Messiah! May the Lord pour our His blessings in the short time before His return. Amen.

Be blessed and be a blessing!