Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Preview - Old Time Gospel Sing

Monday, June 15th, turned out to be a very exhausting day for me. But, it ended very rewarding and refreshing as Brotherhood showcased an old time gospel preview. Honoring a last minute request, we "wet the appetite" for those attending the Forever Young dinner.

After singing one of our standards, "Old Time Gospel Medley", Brotherhood turned back the clock! We brought back the sweet memories of camp meetings, all night sings, youth rallies and Sunday night praise and worship services. Remember "Let's Talk About Jesus", "I Love Him Better Everyday", "Isn't He Wonderful", "Praise Him" and "I've Got A Mansion"? Well, Brotherhood delivered those chorus favorites and others in rapid fire!! You could call it an avalanche of adoration, riveting rhythm and heartwarming harmony lifted up to Jesus.

Brotherhood has lots of work ahead of them - new songs and other gospel tunes revisited. We can't wait to share more of this annointed, spirit filled music that must and will live on!

P.S. A Happy Father's Day to all... remember to be at Father's House every Sunday (at least).

Monday, June 1, 2009

Men Encounter God

The weekend event of May 15-17 was quite unique for Brotherhood as over 100 men gathered to meet God in a new and special way. We were only scheduled to sing at the communion session but God has a way of changing things!

Brotherhood also shared our "brand" of gospel music during the time of celebration. We joined the "young bucks" band in contemporary worship and songs of adoration and praise to our Savior. However good the music, the results of this Encounter are what truly count.

Many lives were changed, brought unto salvation, refreshed and delivered. A brotherly spirit of unity permated throughout the entire retreat site. We rejoice with the angels in heaven as new men were birthed to the glory of God! Blessings until next time...