Friday, March 26, 2010


Brotherhood is busy preparing for our New York City ministry tour, learning new material and remixing the tracks to our new CD. With God's help, it will completed and available in May. But onto more important news to share...

Yes, it's close to that special time of year again! No, not Christmas but that other important date in Christian history. Many will agree on the birth and death of Jesus Christ. However, what sets Christ apart from all others is His resurrection. No one lse can claim his victories as He conquered sin, death and the grave. That is the essential cornerstone or foundation of our faith!

That's why we celebrate. Jesus Christ has given us a resaon to live, breath and tell others about Him. He is our Hope beyond the grave. He lives eternally and will come back for His children someday! Are you ready? I truly hope so ... then share the Good News with others.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


In Mark 11:24, it says that "... whatsoever you desire, when you pray, believe to receive and you shall have them." Well... God is honoring our desire and the plans have been placed in motion! Praise God - Brotherhood has scheduled a weekend ministry opportunity in my home town - New York City!!

I know God's hand is on this outreach venture because all the necessary dots had to be connected, or else it was not going to happen. The list was made and God has been checking each one of them off - the dates, churches, travel and accomodations have all been met! We serve a wonderful, loving heavenly Father!

On the weekend of June 11-14, Brotherhood will present the gospel in word and song at 4 churches in 3 days! We pray for God's annointing and that the people's hearts be prepared and ready to receive. It is truly a miracle of God and Brotherhood anxiously awaits the Big Apple!