Tuesday, December 14, 2010


All is calm and all is bright.” More than anything else, that’s what the world truly needs this Christmas. A time of peace, a time of serenity, a time of thanksgiving and a time of quiet reflection to honor the birth of the Savior.

Brotherhood has a few Christmas outreach opportunities at nursing homes and senior dinners. We enjoy giving back to the community, bringing some cheer and joy to the hearts and lives of these dear folk at nursing homes. Many have no family, get few visitors and some I could consider as my aunt, uncle or grandparent! Christ has come for ALL so everyone is to hear the Good News – the old, young, men, women and children of all ages. We are all sinners – just saved by grace!

As usual, I get very melancholy as the year draws to an end. It may be just me, but I can almost predict the time when that “change” occurs. In 2010, with November surgery and recovery, that time was delayed and is not as strong. But this “funk” (as I call it) may be due to not one but many factors. The loss of cherished loved ones in November and December (my Mom, Uncle Sam, the Principato’s) that you can’t help but remember. And, you wish they were still here to share life with (good and bad).

Sometimes you wonder why God takes the good and leaves the bad ones here! I believe it’s because their time on earth is done and God wants them to enjoy heaven with Him. The Bible does say, “Well done, thy good and faithful servant… enter in…”. That’s my solace until we meet again. I also discovered that Vinnie Cioffi, a member of The Torchbearers, recently passed away. I enjoyed their style of gospel music and we had Vinnie attend our wedding as the musical guest.

Also, our earthly time grows shorter yet there’s so much you still want to accomplish. Right now, there’s too much hustle and bustle for the sake of the “holiday season”. Remember, there are friends, relatives, co-workers right in front of you that don’t know the Christmas story! And so we must continue on until the whole earth hears that Jesus Christ is Lord. May the glorious songs of this sacred season, be imbedded into the minds and hearts of those who need to hear the gospel truth. My most favorite carol to sing is “Silent Night” as it provides the sacred Christmas story in just a few minutes.

Christ has not yet returned because it’s not the appointed time… there’s still much work to do for Him and His kingdom. In His strength and by His power, Brotherhood will continue on, as well.

May you all have a very blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, November 29, 2010


Well, I’m back and ready to go! Brotherhood has been on hiatus for November due to John’s surgery and Phil’s cruise with the seniors from Faith AG. After recovery, Brotherhood will have a few Christmas concerts coming in December.

Never having a stitch in my body, it was my first hospital experience. In hindsight, surgery is a breeze; it’s the recovery that’s a bear! The first week was difficult but, praise God, He made us wonderful bodies that know how to heal with little help. And this Thanksgiving, I’m extremely thankful for a successful recuperation with the aid of my wonderful nurse (my wife, Deborah). I was blessed with the best care giver in the world! Also, it was a time for God to get my attention and slow down while lying flat on my back – what a sense of humor He has!

I pray that everyone had enough food, fun and family fellowship this Thanksgiving season. As we celebrated, did you truly pause and reflect on the goodness of our Lord? He’s provided us food, clothing, a good home, cars, health, careers and so much more. We are blessed more than you can imagine. May we remember the “giving” in Thanksgiving and give back to God, to our community and church. Ask God to help find someone in need before the year ends and be a blessing to them. In that way, you may be the only Jesus that they see! Be the light in a lost and dying world.

God bless until next time!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


October and November are special months this year. Besides Phil and John birthdays, there is a major production every October. “The Last Reunion” experienced another successful ministry outreach. I mention it because Brotherhood is quite involved with it. Dan, our resident thespian, has the lead role as the widowed patriarch of a family facing major/tragic issues in everyday life. He’s had the lead for a very long time and LTR has been running for nearly 20 years! With 7 shows in 10 nights, Dan can be worn very thin. And, Brotherhood needs Dan back in full strength! Sunday, October 17, concluded the production run with a standing room only performance. I was told Jan Crouch, from TBN, was in attendance!! Word really spreads when something is really this good and impactful. During the show’s run, more than 1,200 people came to the altars for salvation, healing, reconciliation, etc. May God bless “The Last Reunion” as it continues to reach out to the lost and hurting.

Election Day 2010 is also drawing near and results will be critical for the future of our country. Consider the long lasting impact of those we place in political office during these trying times. Why is this great land called America in trouble? It’s simple – we have turned our backs on God. “If my people would humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, I will heal their land.” That’s what God promised back then and He still promises today. So, this Election Day remember to earnestly pray, then vote and then pray some more. May God bless America again!”

Monday, October 4, 2010


We’re now heading towards the far turn and then… into the home stretch for 2010! Can you believe that another year is quickly passing us by? We will get to the year in review in a later blog. For now, how is Brotherhood doing this Fall? Well, here goes …

On a September Sunday afternoon, our Mayflower engagement was a bit different. We shared the Good News with our elderly friends in an assisted living environment. It was a very beautiful setting that is very deserving for our elder statesmen; it felt like a hotel. Before and after, Brotherhood did some “hands on” work by greeting, conversing and witnessing to the many who attended. They requested some old time songs that we graciously included, such as “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” and “Bicycle Built For Two”. They clapped and sang along with our “Old Time Medley” (Old Time Religion, Peace Like A River & Praise Him).

Brotherhood was back at it the following evening, as we were featured at “Old Time Gospel Nite”. What a great time we had turning back the gospel clock on soul stirring songs of yester year. Brotherhood sang “Nothing But The Blood”, “Love Lifted Me”, Build My Mansion” and “The Eastern Gate”. Also, “His Name Is Wonderful and “The Longer I Serve Him” brought back memories of our church days as youth. Brotherhood invited others to join us on stage to sing (choir style) with sing-a-long choruses. We distributed hymn books and people called out their favorites singing the first and last stanzas – just like in “church”! How marvelous and wonderful heaven will be!

A soloist sang, “His Grace Is Sufficient” that touched me deeply. It took me back to my early teens when our zone youth choir, Crusader Chorale, sang this song at a CCNA national church convention. My Dad had just passed away and that song gave me strength and hope as we sang “and in Him there is hope for everyday” from the depths of our hearts. It reminded me, once again, that He is truly all I need and is all sufficient. That means Jesus Christ is enough, He’s my in all and makes life bountiful and satisfying. When you get right down to it, everything else in life is peripheral “window dressing”.

The following Tuesday, Brotherhood closed out the month by singing at a Small Group Leaders Training Advance. These quarterly meetings provide instructions and encouragement for new and experienced leaders within the church. The evenings theme focused on “Scaling New Heights” to affect growth within your small group. Well, Brotherhood could answer that real well. Brotherhood is a very unique small group; we are defined by limited members but our growth is experienced (1) musically, (2) personally and (3) by outreach extent.

We all shared a bit, but Mel gave a real, touching response. For a long time, Mel felt limited in his ability to serve God. However, the altar work in NYC touched him so deep and stirred the gift of praying for people. Mel admits it was overwhelming at first but so satisfying to his personal relationship with Christ. He no longer feels inadequate to step forward and pray with a needy soul. What a wonderful praise report of how God works in our lives while we minister to others. It’s truly a 2-way street!!

Until next time… may we desire to love and serve Him more and more each and every day.”

Monday, September 20, 2010


Labor Day weekend is typically known as the last weekend of summer fun for kids and an office break for workers. Well, Brotherhood had a little bit of both – some fun and some relaxation before our fall season begins. John and his wife went away for a beach getaway and Mel “headed for the hills” with his wife.

But, before that started, we had a wonderful, lively concert ministry at The Garden of Grace Church in Winter Park on Friday evening (9/3). Internet and street announcements billed it as a family gospel music night filled with cotton candy, popcorn and beverages. That made for a casual, comfortable atmosphere and allowed the spirit of God to minister easily. Brotherhood provided an eclectic mix of gospel music that’s become our signature style in reaching everyone! Our runaway hit, “Roll Away” was requested and “He Made A Change” had everyone standing, clapping, dancing and waving praise banners. “Turn Your Eyes” was sung at the altar call. It brought those who needed a touch in their life and people were slain in the Spirit, praise God! When God moves, He moves. To make the night even more special, our wives were with us, too! We had some good food and fellowship afterwards (just the Brotherhood family).

Brotherhood is adding to our eclectic style that we believe will directly reach and touch the unbeliever. “Amazing Grace” is as popular and well known as any secular or Christian song ever. We switched it up from the traditional by using a 1960’s pop/rock melody that was overwhelmingly received. Dan introduced that melody to me awhile back and I was quite taken by surprise. I know the original song but that tune made me listen to “Amazing Grace” with new ears. Some other songs on the horizon (including originals), will take you back to doo-wop, good ol’ camp meeting and foot stompin’ R&B soul gospel.

Exciting times lie ahead for Brotherhood. Our prayer is that those who don’t know Jesus Christ as savior will listen, receive the message and be transformed by His power! As that old chorus says, “God can do anything but FAIL!”

Monday, August 23, 2010


Well, as summer rolls into fall, Brotherhood’s schedule just keeps rolling on. Summer is usually a slow season, but it’s been sizzlin’ hot (figuratively and actually) as God has opened up the doors for added ministry! Brotherhood kicked off August at the Navair Prayer Breakfast where we ministered to military personnel in an office setting. This has become an annual event that we enjoy even though it’s very early in the morning! Dan had the opportunity to share from his heart, as well. Phil had to wait his turn until Saturday…

Then, we rolled into successive weekend concerts in the Central Florida area: a Women’s AGLOW benefit in Winter Park and an Encounter Rally in Mascotte. These are two “opposite of the spectrum” outreaches – one towards women and the other geared to men. We had a wonderful, spirit-filled time in concert in both places and food and fellowship followed. Just before we left Mascotte, a young woman gave her heart to the Lord, praise God! Pray with Brotherhood, that the message delivered in song and word continues to reach out to touch bodies, heal past wounds and draw all men (and women) closer to Him!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well, Brotherhood vacation time may be drawing to a close but ministry never stops. Mel and Dan travelled to the deep South and Midwest to “scout the territory”, John is coordinating the PromiseKeepers conference in Orlando and Phil is heading out west… to West Africa! He, along with a team of men, will lead a Men’s God Encounter in Ghana later this month. It is believed that 500 - 1,000 men will gather for this countrywide event. What an awesome experience and rare opportunity He has allowed!!

Discounting the NYC tour, Brotherhood has now officially released our inaugural studio CD, “Sweet Sounds Of Heaven”! On Monday night, we held a CD Release Celebration at a senior dinner. These baby boomers plus have been our biggest supporters and we decided to offer the CD to them first at this concert. We selected certain songs – each members’ favorites plus a few that we ALL just love to sing. It’s apparent that “Roll Away” is the CD hit single! No matter where we go (incl. NYC), that’s the most requested song. It’s loved by young and old alike; even those who favor R&B, hip hop and rock can’t get that song out of their head, praise God!! The CD is now in stock at the church bookstore and will soon be made available online at the Brotherhood blog site along with other inspirational products.

And… although the 4th of July has passed, may we continue to pray for God’s hand of protection on our great nation, our troops fighting for our freedom and for God’s wisdom and guidance for those in office. God bless America now and always!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This blog contains a bit of self indulgence but bear with me. “I’ve never been this homesick before” is a line from a Dottie Rambo classic. And, it was quite appropriate as Brotherhood made their way to the big Apple – New York City. You see, it was a homecoming for me. This native Bronxite (NY Yankee turf) had mixed emotions and feelings about going home again. Not only to my hometown but to my home church! It was where I heard about and received Jesus Christ as my savior, “cut my teeth” on gospel music, had extended family and learned to trust Him at all times.

My father passed away when I was just 15 years old and I missed out on father-son things. But I did have good “father figures” in the church (thank God). However, I truly saw faith in action through my mother, Vickie. A prayer warrior, she always had a smile, was willing to help someone in need and cared genuinely about others. Being an only child, Mom managed the household on a tight budget but I never felt I lacked anything. She was also my friend who played games and made me always feel secure. When not doing chores, I would see her reading the Bible, preparing a Sunday school lesson, write cards of encouragement or speak with someone on the phone who had a need. Her strong faith and dependence on our heavenly Father showed me what a Christian should be on a daily basis. I know it’s near Father’s Day but… thanks Mom!

And, now for Brotherhood’s NYC concert ministry tour! We are bodily tired but spiritually refreshed after a fabulous and miraculous weekend. It was not just gospel music but worship and altar work – just like the old times! We witnessed in the subways and Phil even led 2 men to Christ on the streets outside the Bronx church! We are no longer strangers in a foreign land as New Yorkers (and New Jerseyites) welcomed us with open arms and hearts. And, we consider ourselves an eclectic gospel group as Brotherhood covers the gamut – southern, country, hymns, praise & worship. We just don’t do hard rock, hip hop or rap but do appeal to a broad body of believers.

Brooklyn (Coney Island) got us started Friday night, Saturday took us to Nutley, NJ. Then we had a Sunday doubleheader - AM in the Bronx and PM in Ossining (Westchester). Nearly 400 miles travelled in this local area! But the concert ministries were a blast and a blessing, praise God! Favorites included, “Give It Away”, “He Made A Change”, “Roll Away” and our latest “Jesus Messiah”. Kids, youth and adults enjoyed the candy tosses as we “gave them away”. They all joined in singing worship choruses of “His Name Is Wonderful”, “There’s A Sweet, Sweet Spirit”, “Mansion Over The Hilltop” and Brotherhood’s acappella arrangement of “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus/In The Cross”. Afterwards we had a chance to meet and greet the folks. Some of their comments were, "It was a breath of fresh air", "Can I join you guys and be your sound man?" and "The people were totally blessed and I know that our pastor will have you back again!".

Altar ministry was a major highlight as many came forward to receive salvation, baptism in the Holy Spirit, rededication and healings of all kinds (physical, emotional, etc.). Yes, you can return home and yes Jesus Christ does live and dwell in the “city that doesn’t sleep” and deeply needs Him. We encourage the church of NYC to arise and go forth and prosper. The enemy has no hold on you, so take the city in Jesus name!

Being made honorary citizens, Brotherhood will always keep you in our prayers. We expect to hear great things from the Big Apple in the near future. Remember that this is “our temporary home, it’s not where we belong”. Our home’s in heaven just waiting for you and me!!! Amen.

Remember... be at the Father's House on Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brotherhood Ministering at Faith Assembly-Orlando

Here's a Brotherhood video recorded 5.26.10 at Faith Assembly in Orlando, FL. Look for their first studio CD release coming this month! - Jim A (Man in the Mirror)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


“Be not dismayed whate’er betide, God will take care of you.” This line, from a famous hymn of the church, truly resonates today. As Brotherhood prepares for their NYC tour, Satan tried his best to hinder the ministry. He placed roadblocks, sickness, feelings of despair, tragedy, frustration and any other obstacle he could find.

While Brotherhood has exercised the 3 “Ps” (plan, practice and pray), we’ve encountered several experiences in the past few weeks that we consider a “wake up call”. Johns’ wife narrowly escaped a serious car accident and, miraculously, suffered no injury to herself or the vehicle! Mel’s mother-in-law became gravely ill but, Praise God, she has rallied to a more comfortable & stable condition. And, Phil came home one night to discover his garage door badly damaged and needing major repair/replacement. Finally, a very close brother in Christ lost his daughter-in-law to cancer last week. She was in her early 30’s and left a husband and a 2 year old child.

These are the “storms of life” that make us strong and hold on to Him. Jesus Christ never promised that the road would be easy but He did say, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” We truly thank God for His protection, comfort and reassurance. Satan does not want the gospel message proclaimed but we know the Word of God does not return void. Satan has been defeated and totally failed to dampen Brotherhood’s spirit, desire and excitement to forge ahead. We truly know that God has great things in store for the Big Apple area!

So… as we go, please keep us in your prayers. 1 Peter 2:17

Thursday, May 27, 2010


May is a time when spring leads to the summertime season. April showers bring May flowers and summer thoughts are very cooling and relaxing. Well, it appears that Brotherhood will not have that luxury. We finalized our studio CD for production and had a few ministries added before flying to New York City (June 11-14). Here’s what’s happening…

On Saturday May 22nd, Brotherhood presented an outdoor concert at Ft. Christmas Park for the Sanctuary Church of God holiday picnic. It was quite different but a wonderful experience sharing the gospel with good food and Christian fellowship. Brotherhood dusted off some oldies and treated these fine folks to some old quartet favorites like, “Jesus Is Coming Soon” and “Redemption Draweth Nigh”. They also enjoyed our camp meeting sing-a-long; an up tempo medley of church choruses we all remember well. And being so close to Memorial Day, we also honored the war veterans with patriotic songs and asked them to stand when their branch of service was mentioned.

Our home church was a final destination and a last minute addition. Being quite large and still growing, Faith Assembly has much talent but leans towards the contemporary style of praise & worship. So… for Brotherhood to sing “our” gospel music at mid-week service (5/26) was an unexpected blessing and thrill! The congregation and webcast viewers really enjoyed “Roll Away” from our soon-to-be released CD. We thank God for every opportunity to present His message, especially when we’re able to give back to church friends and family who support us.

As I looked around at the peoples’ faces, it made me think of how different yet wonderfully made we all are! We’re like that Japanese artwork, origami, in the Father’s hands. Just think of how He takes a simple piece of paper (dust of the earth) and makes a beautiful form (our human body). And, by His grace and mercy, He uses situations to brings us to Him and then continues to shape us into His image! And God uses the twists and turns in our lives to make us more like His Son. I suggest you read Romans 8:29!!

More to come…

Monday, May 3, 2010


On Saturday, May 1st, Brotherhood was pleased to be part of a unique men's praise breakfast. Besides good fellowship and food prepared by the men's cooking crew, this brought together two opposite music styles to glorify the Father! We partnered with fellow church friend, Glenn Moore who's a rap artist reaching into the urban community. Glenn heard Brotherhood at an Encounter and desired to minister with us.

Brotherhood opened with a praise & worship set which included a medley of "old school" favorites and current contemporary praise songs ("How Great Is Our God" and "Jesus Messiah"). After breakfast, we shared our fast-paced gospel mini-concert that had the men clapping, finger snapping and on their feet praising God. After a brief break, Glenn Moore broke into his rap and hip-hop set. It's not my favorite muisc genre but, wow, was it good! The message came forth so strong and had the men jumping, shouting and strutting while having their ears opened to hear His Word.

Glenn also shared a message on men making the difference in the workplace. One central truth pointed towards the individual man ensuring his "work place" (heart) was right first. We cannot venture out if we're not right within - good, good, stuff! Afterwards, a few men came forward to receive Christ into their lives!!

We serve an awesome God - only He could make the sounds of Brotherhood & Glenn work out! Our minds could not conceive that thought. Continue to pray for both ministry outreaches. We plan on some more of these "joint ventures" and other out-of-the-box possibilities (video and song collaboration). You never, ever, know...

Friday, March 26, 2010


Brotherhood is busy preparing for our New York City ministry tour, learning new material and remixing the tracks to our new CD. With God's help, it will completed and available in May. But onto more important news to share...

Yes, it's close to that special time of year again! No, not Christmas but that other important date in Christian history. Many will agree on the birth and death of Jesus Christ. However, what sets Christ apart from all others is His resurrection. No one lse can claim his victories as He conquered sin, death and the grave. That is the essential cornerstone or foundation of our faith!

That's why we celebrate. Jesus Christ has given us a resaon to live, breath and tell others about Him. He is our Hope beyond the grave. He lives eternally and will come back for His children someday! Are you ready? I truly hope so ... then share the Good News with others.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


In Mark 11:24, it says that "... whatsoever you desire, when you pray, believe to receive and you shall have them." Well... God is honoring our desire and the plans have been placed in motion! Praise God - Brotherhood has scheduled a weekend ministry opportunity in my home town - New York City!!

I know God's hand is on this outreach venture because all the necessary dots had to be connected, or else it was not going to happen. The list was made and God has been checking each one of them off - the dates, churches, travel and accomodations have all been met! We serve a wonderful, loving heavenly Father!

On the weekend of June 11-14, Brotherhood will present the gospel in word and song at 4 churches in 3 days! We pray for God's annointing and that the people's hearts be prepared and ready to receive. It is truly a miracle of God and Brotherhood anxiously awaits the Big Apple!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Praise God, our studio work is done... the singers that is. Now it's time for the engineers and producers to add some background support and create the master! We are very excited and delighted at the initial results. Everyone stayed in fine voice but may tweak and add some special vocals to certain songs.

The CD is a special blend of old, new and original material. We've agreed on the CD title and will start branding our Brotherhood logo with this CD. Letterhead, business cards, flyers, etc. will begin displaying this new and unique format, as well.

Other related areas are starting to blossom. We are working on the artistic layout for the CD design. And, we've been asked to have our music sold at the local church bookstore. People are requesting our music and we've placed Brotherhoods' live CD there already!!

God is soooo good and we can't express our gratitude for how much He's given us and allowed Brotherhood to do for Him! Keep us in your prayers as we ask God's blessing on this project and the outreach possibilities. A NYC concert tour is planned... more details later!!

Monday, January 25, 2010


Well, Brotherhood finally was able to get studio time and work it into everyone's schedule. This will be our first studio CD project; we have a live CD produced from one of our 2008 concerts. We were in great vocal form, prayed up and prepared for the days' work.

From the very first song, I knew God was there "overseeing" everything that was said and done! The sound engineer (and musician), who had not heard Brotherhood in person, was extremely pleased with the blended variety. His broad smile, energy and positive comments made everyone even more comfortable and confident.

We're halfway there and anxiously await a return engagement to the studio in February. This CD will reflect the sound, spirit and heart of Brotherhood. It will be a blended mix of gospel music old, original and new so there is something for everyone!

Thank you for your prayerful support. To God be the glory, great things He has done!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Our year 2010 kicked off with a marvelous three day event called Spirit Revival with special guests, Don & Carol Ann Waisanen, from California. They ministered in word and song throughout the revival and were a blessing to all. Brotherhood was the musical hosts and sang during each service and special dinner, as well. Faith and healing were the major focus and at the final service many came to the altar for special needs prayer and healing.

We anticipate that an overflow will continue into 2010 and Brotherhood really needed that revival time. As you know, we will soon enter the studio to record and we need all the prayers and support possible. Will you join us and remember Brotherhood as we prepare for this project? Amen!!