Monday, September 20, 2010


Labor Day weekend is typically known as the last weekend of summer fun for kids and an office break for workers. Well, Brotherhood had a little bit of both – some fun and some relaxation before our fall season begins. John and his wife went away for a beach getaway and Mel “headed for the hills” with his wife.

But, before that started, we had a wonderful, lively concert ministry at The Garden of Grace Church in Winter Park on Friday evening (9/3). Internet and street announcements billed it as a family gospel music night filled with cotton candy, popcorn and beverages. That made for a casual, comfortable atmosphere and allowed the spirit of God to minister easily. Brotherhood provided an eclectic mix of gospel music that’s become our signature style in reaching everyone! Our runaway hit, “Roll Away” was requested and “He Made A Change” had everyone standing, clapping, dancing and waving praise banners. “Turn Your Eyes” was sung at the altar call. It brought those who needed a touch in their life and people were slain in the Spirit, praise God! When God moves, He moves. To make the night even more special, our wives were with us, too! We had some good food and fellowship afterwards (just the Brotherhood family).

Brotherhood is adding to our eclectic style that we believe will directly reach and touch the unbeliever. “Amazing Grace” is as popular and well known as any secular or Christian song ever. We switched it up from the traditional by using a 1960’s pop/rock melody that was overwhelmingly received. Dan introduced that melody to me awhile back and I was quite taken by surprise. I know the original song but that tune made me listen to “Amazing Grace” with new ears. Some other songs on the horizon (including originals), will take you back to doo-wop, good ol’ camp meeting and foot stompin’ R&B soul gospel.

Exciting times lie ahead for Brotherhood. Our prayer is that those who don’t know Jesus Christ as savior will listen, receive the message and be transformed by His power! As that old chorus says, “God can do anything but FAIL!”

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