Saturday, December 14, 2013


What a wonderful opening statement! "Good tidings" means there is good news to share and, when we hear it, "great joy" or jubilant excitement will result. The birth of our Savior was the fulfillment of Old Testament prophesy. It was highly anticipated but no one really knew when that day would come. Imagine living in Biblical times to witness the current events take place. That headline would be #1 in all tabloids and street corner talk for a LONG time. Wise men chose to travel a very long way to see the new Babe, bring gifts, bow down and worship the Promised One. Others felt threatened by a new ruler and sought to "eliminate the intruder".

But how would Jesus be received today? In similar circumstances, it just might be the same - no fanfare, mixed emotions, some come to worship and some seek to kill Him. Let's celebrate the new life and hope Jesus has given to us. He's no longer that baby in a manger but our soon coming King of Kings. Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season! Take time to thank God for the wonderful gift of His Son.

Brotherhood is anticipating "great joy" in 2014 as we spread the "glad tidings" through gospel music. Lots to do for Him as we walk in the path He makes for us. We trust the Lord to open church doors and share the right words and songs with those in need of inspiration, encouragement and life everlasting opportunities. He's done so before and He will continue to do so... if we are faithful. We look forward to seeing you at a Brotherhood concert in your area soon.
Stay well, be blessed and be a blessing. A Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! FYI... remember to "make friends" with Brotherhood on Facebook.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Time to get caught up with the latest happenings with Brotherhood and gospel music. There is late breaking news from the New Gaither Vocal Band. Mark Lowry and Michael English have left the group to continue their solo artist ministry. Trying to balance both schedules became a hardship for both. We wish them all of God's blessings in all that they do for His kingdom. Russ Taff and Guy Penrod are among those returning to fill those spots! Also, The Perrys have signed with Stow Town Records, Ernie Haas's record company in Ohio. Continue to keep their bass singer, Tracy, in prayer as he recovers/rehabs from a stroke suffered earlier this year.

The past few months have been busy for Brotherhood, as well. As Thanksgiving rolls around, we want to thank Him and give God all the honor and glory He deserves. More ministry doors have been opened and more will come. We were just at a new church, First Baptist of Central Florida, and had a wonderful concert time with those folks. Pastor Charles was such a gracious host and made us feel as if we'd known each other a long time. The people really showed the love of Christ as they served the body and conversed with us later on. And, no matter where we go, Brotherhood always finds transplants from our home states - Kentucky, Michigan, Nebraska and, of course, New York! Our mixture of new gospel, classics and hymnal favorites energized the people that made us feel right at home! We could have sang for hours and hours. What a great time we had and look forward to returning next year. We also sang a few selections during a missions convention at Church Alive. The guest speaker was Owen Carr, a 90 year old minister who still pastors a church in Springfield, MO!! It was a blessed time for all who attended that Sunday service. Many gave a faith promise in which you pledge to support missions and trust God to provide the funds. It's happened many times before and will continue, praise God!
It is so wonderful to have that common bond and relationship with other believers. Thank God, one day it will be over and we will spend eternity in heaven with Him. My father-in-law has just entered those gates, as well. It's sad for those who remain but wonderful for those who depart. Thank you Lord for that promise!
Stay well, be blessed and be a blessing. A Happy Thanksgiving to all! FYI... remember to "make friends" with Brotherhood on Facebook.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Well, the summer's gone and we head into fall. Boy, the time seems to fly by faster than ever before! But as the world seems to whiz by, we need to stop and "smell the roses" along the way. Let's not get caught up with the fast paced, need-it-now, self-centered life that can draw us farther away from time with God. We need to stay focused on daily conversation and communion with our Father. It's very precious time that will help us through every day, every trial and bring peace, love and joy to our heart and soul. It's ME time with Him - no one else matters and we should look forward to the time we set aside for that purpose. If you haven't done so, get started and make it a routine you cannot break!

 Again, we had a blast on our return visit to the New York City area. Seeing old friends, making new friends, sampling NY food (pizza, bagels, pastries), laughter and fellowship were cake icing to Brotherhood's concert dates. We even saw a street stick ball game in the Bronx - that brought back memories! Ministering at 4 churches in 3 days, these warm, gracious people quickly became family and they enjoyed good gospel quartet music. Many have heard us before and requested a favorite or two. "Roll Away" has become a sing-a-long chorus and "Jesus You're So Wonderful" is now referred to as the do-wop song. We packaged a variety of tunes from our recent CD project among others that included new gospel, hymns, accapella and gospel classics. We also added a Retro Praise segment of uplifting, hand clapping, revival time medley songs for all to sing. They loved it! Brotherhood's blend of music & message touched many lives as evident by those who came forward during altar call. We love NY and God loves NY, too!

Stay well, be blessed and be a blessing. FYI... remember to "make friends" with Brotherhood on Facebook.

Monday, July 22, 2013


Summer is upon us and the Florida weather is really heating up! Despite the start of hurricane season, a few days of heavy rain can't quench our burning desire to continue spreading the gospel. Summer may be vacation time but Satan doesn't take a rest and continues wreaking havoc throughout the world. Peace has been a prevalent battle cry by Americans. May we be that shining light in a lost and dying world - one light at a time. Witness to your neighbor, give a lending hand to someone stuck on the side of the road, hold the door open, carry bags to a car, etc. These actions may not be much but - you may be the only Jesus that they see or hear. Start making a difference one day at a time.
In June, Brotherhood visited Garden of Grace in Winter Park for a pre-July 4th picnic concert. It was a great way to kick start summer and bring various churches together in the outdoors and casual atmosphere. After good food, fun and fellowship, it was concert time. Brotherhood had the pleasure of introducing songs from their new CD project, "Bridge The Gap" along with crowd favorite Brotherhood songs, praise & worship and some patriotic tunes. In this casual, celebratory atmosphere, an unannounced duet special was added. My wife, Deborah, and I sang one of our favorites, "Celebrate Me Home" which brought tears to many eyes. It was a treat for me to sing with my wife, and I noticed the surprised looks on some faces. They did not know of her vocal abilities!

In July, we had a great return ministry engagement at Church Alive to unveil our new CD to the home folks. As part of the Sunday service, Brotherhood provided a mini-concert featuring new material including the classic favorites, "The Lighthouse" and "Through It All". As usual, our variety of uplifting songs and style appealed to all ages - young and old. This was our last concert before Dan left for foreign field missionary work again. When he returns, all members of Brotherhood will be back home in final preparation for our metro NY tour in September.

Stay well, be blessed and be a blessing. FYI... remember to "make friends" with Brotherhood on Facebook.

Friday, May 17, 2013


It's that time of year we honor our mothers and fathers and the list expands to those who are grandparents, aunts, uncles and even great grandparents. How wonderful it is to see large families celebrating these events and to know God's blessing is upon them and their offspring for many generations. I'm sure grannies and gramps now reap the rewards of their efforts through respect and love and honor... and care. Today it's becoming the norm for children to care for their parents who are now living longer than ever - many outlive their children, too!

Our heavenly Father looks down and watches His children all the time. Are you making Him a proud Father? Remember that He loves and cares for you more than your earthly parents can ever express. A children's chorus says it all. "His love is deeper than the ocean and higher than the mountains... And He will see you through the storms of life."

Brotherhood is soon to be proud poppas as our new CD project, "Bridge The Gap", is in the final stages and we can't wait! Thank God for patience and guidance through it all. In April, the GEMS organization held a fund raising dinner, silent auction and concert at the Sanford Civic Center. GEMS endeavors to provide scholarships for teen girl obesity camp (from a Christian perspective), build self esteem, teach nutritional values for a healthy, blessed life. Brotherhood was invited guests at a benefit concert along with other gospel singers providing a variety of gospel music - R&B, southern, country, jazz, contemporary, etc. We had a blast sharing our brand of gospel and became better acquainted with local artists throughout the evening. John wore many hats that night as he MC'd the silent auction and interviewed each vendor. Besides singing, he also has to be sound tech for all the artists - thank God the controls were stationed just off stage! Kathy Webb, a local TV personality, was the special speaker who shared her overweight experience as a teenager and how she overcame with God's help, praise God.

Doors are opening for Brotherhood's unique ministry that has taken them to many venues and denominations. And each member is taking care of other matters. Mel is taking a personal retreat away from the "hustle & bustle" while checking out other gospel groups in NC, Dan is part of an overseas translation team for the Jesus Film and specific Bible book projects (i.e. Luke), Phil is busy tending the flock at his church, conducting Bible studies and working with evangelism teams. John keeps busy with the P&W team, church administration, teaching personal finances through Christ and... music. Besides managing Brotherhood and seeking new material (always), he's working on duets with his wife, Deborah. He enjoys their practices and it's been a blessing to sing with her - another unexpected miracle!

Stay well, be blessed and be a blessing.

Monday, April 8, 2013


I don't know when it began, but it's an old saying that is still used today. No matter what we set our minds to do, there is always the need for constant review and rehearsal to make it "just right". We must remember that His "strength is perfect" so that we are made perfect in Him. Therefore, our mortal lives are being shaped to conform to His image - less of us and more of Him! We will be far better off the more we place our trust in the Lord.

Likewise, Brotherhood is trusting God for direction as we move forward. Along with new material, studio work is in process for our new CD and a return visit to the metro NYC area in September (13-15)!! In March, a blessed, intimate concert at FGBM in Titusville brought us a return visit with some good friends. Someone asked the question, "How did Brotherhood get started?" which gave us the opportunity to recall our beginnings in 2004 and where God has taken us. When I reflect on those years, I am so thankful for ALL the Lord has done and will continue to do. We want others to realize/understand that, despite perceived short comings and inadequacies, God will use their gifts to bring Him glory in various ways. Once that truth is captured, there are no limits or boundaries to what can be accomplished for Christ!

So... lots of time, effort and practice is in store for Brotherhood in the coming months. Thanks to all who submitted song requests, well wishes, encouragement and prayers. Your support is so greatly appreciated as we trust God to provide the finances for these ministry projects and to open "new direction" doors to further the gospel.

We hope to see you "down the road" real soon. Stay well, be blessed and be a blessing.

Monday, February 4, 2013


As January fades into the sunset, we start setting our sites on February. The 2nd month of each year is traditionally the month of "love", when Valentines Day is celebrated around the world. Sweethearts treat their special someone with extra loving care via flowers, candy, dinner and more. Some make it even special by getting engaged, married or renew their vows on February 14th.

What will you do on that day? Above all, let's not forget the Father's undying love for us. We don't circle one day on the calendar to shower Him with love but do so every day. We give praise and honor and worship the King "without ceasing" no matter what our circumstances. Whenever we pray for our food or tell someone about Jesus, we are loving Him. And through it all... He looks down from above and loves every bit of it!!!

As for Brotherhood, we're just getting the New Year started... although quite busy individually. A return visit to Space Coast Assembly was a blessed event that enabled us to see new and familiar faces. That church really loves gospel music and they have some talent themselves. It's fast becoming one our favorite destinations in Florida! The month concluded with a mid-week concert at Church Alive in Winter Springs. A few month ago, our lead singer (Phil) became pastor at that church so his workload and responsibilities have increased. Our schedules finally aligned for this night of great gospel music that shared our unique, eclectic style harmony with the congregation. We had many first timers - those who hadn't heard Brotherhood before. We also had some faithful 'Hood friends who traveled from Titusville to hear us and we appreciated that so much. Again, the mixture of old and new, traditional and original, slow and fast combined into one big pot that ministered to all ages.

Pray for more doors to open for Brotherhood in 2013. Lord willing, we plan a return trip to the New York City area, recording another CD or two, a TV studio broadcast and ministering to more denominational churches. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. May we all choose Christs' prosperity in 2013 for He knows what's best.