Monday, April 8, 2013


I don't know when it began, but it's an old saying that is still used today. No matter what we set our minds to do, there is always the need for constant review and rehearsal to make it "just right". We must remember that His "strength is perfect" so that we are made perfect in Him. Therefore, our mortal lives are being shaped to conform to His image - less of us and more of Him! We will be far better off the more we place our trust in the Lord.

Likewise, Brotherhood is trusting God for direction as we move forward. Along with new material, studio work is in process for our new CD and a return visit to the metro NYC area in September (13-15)!! In March, a blessed, intimate concert at FGBM in Titusville brought us a return visit with some good friends. Someone asked the question, "How did Brotherhood get started?" which gave us the opportunity to recall our beginnings in 2004 and where God has taken us. When I reflect on those years, I am so thankful for ALL the Lord has done and will continue to do. We want others to realize/understand that, despite perceived short comings and inadequacies, God will use their gifts to bring Him glory in various ways. Once that truth is captured, there are no limits or boundaries to what can be accomplished for Christ!

So... lots of time, effort and practice is in store for Brotherhood in the coming months. Thanks to all who submitted song requests, well wishes, encouragement and prayers. Your support is so greatly appreciated as we trust God to provide the finances for these ministry projects and to open "new direction" doors to further the gospel.

We hope to see you "down the road" real soon. Stay well, be blessed and be a blessing.

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