Monday, February 4, 2013


As January fades into the sunset, we start setting our sites on February. The 2nd month of each year is traditionally the month of "love", when Valentines Day is celebrated around the world. Sweethearts treat their special someone with extra loving care via flowers, candy, dinner and more. Some make it even special by getting engaged, married or renew their vows on February 14th.

What will you do on that day? Above all, let's not forget the Father's undying love for us. We don't circle one day on the calendar to shower Him with love but do so every day. We give praise and honor and worship the King "without ceasing" no matter what our circumstances. Whenever we pray for our food or tell someone about Jesus, we are loving Him. And through it all... He looks down from above and loves every bit of it!!!

As for Brotherhood, we're just getting the New Year started... although quite busy individually. A return visit to Space Coast Assembly was a blessed event that enabled us to see new and familiar faces. That church really loves gospel music and they have some talent themselves. It's fast becoming one our favorite destinations in Florida! The month concluded with a mid-week concert at Church Alive in Winter Springs. A few month ago, our lead singer (Phil) became pastor at that church so his workload and responsibilities have increased. Our schedules finally aligned for this night of great gospel music that shared our unique, eclectic style harmony with the congregation. We had many first timers - those who hadn't heard Brotherhood before. We also had some faithful 'Hood friends who traveled from Titusville to hear us and we appreciated that so much. Again, the mixture of old and new, traditional and original, slow and fast combined into one big pot that ministered to all ages.

Pray for more doors to open for Brotherhood in 2013. Lord willing, we plan a return trip to the New York City area, recording another CD or two, a TV studio broadcast and ministering to more denominational churches. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. May we all choose Christs' prosperity in 2013 for He knows what's best.

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