Tuesday, December 15, 2009


It's that most wonderful time of year again! Cold, snow, ice and layered clothing are part of winter up north. But down here in Florida, it's warm, sunny, beaches and shorts. Not a bad exchange for me but I do miss the Christmas season in New York City. Except for the shovelling of snow. As a Colorado transplant explained to me, "You can't shovel rain". No matter where you may live, Christmas is where the heart is and the birthday celebration of Jesus Christ with friends and family.

I just love singing Christmas carols and Brotherhood will be doing so at a few local events before the holidays. It's that special time when we proclaim the Savior's birth in song. Our sets would not be complete without "Silent Night" and "White Christmas" which are my all time favorites. We've added "There's No Place Like Home" and "Do You Hear What I Hear", as well.

The guys in Brotherhood are getting ready for the holidays, too. Dan had a throat infection that kept him "quietly" at home but, praise God, he's back at full strength. Dan is busy working on his ministers license. Phil is preparing to return to his home after interior renovations are complete. Along with John, our buddy Mel is checking out travel arrangements as Brotherhood contemplates some concert dates outside of Florida. Please, keep us in your prayers!!

As the Christmas song reminds us, "Go tell it on the mountain, that Jesus Christ is born". This is an opportune time to share the good news with those around us. Brotherhood wishes everyone a merry and blessed Christmas... and may they "always be bright!"

Monday, November 23, 2009


On November 20th, Brotherhood was the musical guests at Sanctuary Church of God. It was Sr. Thanksgiving dinner and were grateful for the invite to share the love of God. And... to share food and fellowship with our new, extended family.

Since the days of the pilgrim, Thanksgiving has centered around appreciation and giving thanks to our heavenly Father for all His provisions. It's also about family and togetherness which Brotherhood strongly felt that evening. We shared a table with the pastor and his wife who were about to celebrate their 1 year anniversary as pastor of the congregation.

As the concert progressed, it was evident that Brotherhood's program was focussed on heaven and our eternal reward with Him. We added some special songs such as "When We All Get To Heaven" and a full rendition of "I've Got a Mansion". These people really were excited about heaven as they sang along and lifted their hands toward the sky! Afterwards, we chatted with some dear folks by our product table and discovered connections with some of our home states of Michigan and New York.

It IS a small, small world... but we serve a mighty, big God!! Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 6, 2009


After a schedule fix, Brotherhood finally was able to minister at Calvary Towers last night. Although it was a cool Orlando evening, the fire was getting started inside. PA technical issues were not going to hinder or dampen our spirits. God was faithful and, as a team, we worked out the problem right before concert time.

Phil experienced throat problems earlier this week and the program was tailored to conserving his voice; he was also sharing the word. Praise God, he felt great and after the first song had no vocal issues! In fact, he said he never felt better!! The voices of John, Dan & Mel provide the rich balanced quartet sound we all enjoy and savor. As they say, "practice makes perfect".

Brotherhood's mixture of new gospel ("Give It Away") and old time favorites ("Sweeter As The Days Go By") were a crowd pleaser. "Hymns Of Faith", a song written by John, was well received and everyone was encouraged to join in on their favorites. Phil's message dealt with staying active in God's work and be a disciple at any age. There is no retirement for a Christian! Just share the love of God and not hide it "under a bushel"... just give it away!! Until next time...

Friday, October 30, 2009


For the past 10-12 years, our church performs "The Last Reunion" theatrical production. It's a wonderful evangelistic tool that draws thousands to the 5-7 annual performances. Dan, as the grandfather, has had the lead role in every year's production!

Besides being our pianist, Dan's been blessed with this added talent which he enjoys sharing with others. For the 2009 production, he was honored with the Actor of the Year award. Congratulations, Dan!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Last night, Brotherhood was featured as part of an Old Time Gospel Night in Orlando. The evening started with... some food! A scrumptious assortment of meats, side dishes, salads and desserts were tempting but we "kept our distance". We did partake but not to "overflowing".

There were a few solo artists sharing wonderful, beautiful songs (old & new) that were uplifting and worshipful. An 85 year old retired minister joined in the fun, as well. He sang "On Christ The Solid Rock" with all the vim and vigor of a young buck. I sure hope I sound as good as he when I reach his age (Lord willing). He really did not need a microphone!

When it was our turn, John started getting very anxious - like an expectant father! It wasn't the ministry/stage jitters but the thought of singing a brand new song for the first time. Not just any song; it was one that he had written!! In preparing our set, he felt led to start off with that song and set the tone for what would follow. Well, God sure gave him guidance with that decision. Brotherhood did a fine job delivering, "Hymns Of Faith", which captures the great cornerstone hymns that are foundational to our faith. He was a proud Dad!!

We sang other classics ("I'm Feeling Fine", "Love Lifted Me") and church choruses that took you back to camp meeting revival days. The chorus medley encouraged audience participation and that they did! Not only did they sing, but they praised with uplifted hands, danced and did a Jericho march. I could tell how much those songs really meant to each person there. "I've Anchored In Jesus", "What A Friend We Have In Jesus", "When We All Get To Heaven", "I've Got A Mansion" are just a few to name. Brotherhood was truly blessed to be part of this great celebration. We pray there are more of these to come... the more, the better!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Brotherhood had a wonderful, blessed time ministering to the military personnel at the Navair Prayer Breakfast. This monthly event is held before normal business hours so... our day began real early! But, it's so important to start out each day with God first in mind and thoughts. A quick meal prayer just doesn't cut it. Prayer is also their 2009 theme and Brotherhood planned to stay on that track, as well.

We opened with a military salute medley honoring the men and women who serve, or have served, in America's armed forces. Brotherhood then shared songs that are well known to all denominations. "How Great Thou Art", Old Time Religion medley, "Nothing But The Blood" and "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" focused on God's greatness and our dependance on Him. We closed with one of our favorites, "Nail It To The Cross", which set the tone for Dan's message on the relevance of faith in prayer. All were touched and blessed- it was the right time and place for Brotherhood to minister. God always knows best!

Because of an early start, Brotherhood was able to "join forces" over a good breakfast before continuing our day's activities. We were all truly hungry but savored the recent ministry experience. Brotherhood is planning to return to Navair again next year! Be blessed until next time...

Monday, July 6, 2009


Prolific composers we may not be but when God gives, He gives abundantly! I believe God gives everyone a song but not all listen and receive. Brotherhood members, Phil and John, are among those who do and make sure to capture what He's saying to them.

It's happened in the past, but recently, Phil has a few original choruses that he's been excitedly sharing with those around him. And, John has been blessed to pen four full length compositions - praise God! Hopefully, two of them will make their debut with Brotherhood very soon. "Hymns Of Faith" is an upbeat, gospel tune that you're sure to relate to and enjoy. "Red, White and New" has patriotic undertones but really portrays a pledge of allegiance to Christ.

We're excited about these new creative developments and Brotherhood will continue to use it all for the glory of God and proclamation that Christ is Lord. Have a safe, wonderful summer and be a blessing to someone today!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Preview - Old Time Gospel Sing

Monday, June 15th, turned out to be a very exhausting day for me. But, it ended very rewarding and refreshing as Brotherhood showcased an old time gospel preview. Honoring a last minute request, we "wet the appetite" for those attending the Forever Young dinner.

After singing one of our standards, "Old Time Gospel Medley", Brotherhood turned back the clock! We brought back the sweet memories of camp meetings, all night sings, youth rallies and Sunday night praise and worship services. Remember "Let's Talk About Jesus", "I Love Him Better Everyday", "Isn't He Wonderful", "Praise Him" and "I've Got A Mansion"? Well, Brotherhood delivered those chorus favorites and others in rapid fire!! You could call it an avalanche of adoration, riveting rhythm and heartwarming harmony lifted up to Jesus.

Brotherhood has lots of work ahead of them - new songs and other gospel tunes revisited. We can't wait to share more of this annointed, spirit filled music that must and will live on!

P.S. A Happy Father's Day to all... remember to be at Father's House every Sunday (at least).

Monday, June 1, 2009

Men Encounter God

The weekend event of May 15-17 was quite unique for Brotherhood as over 100 men gathered to meet God in a new and special way. We were only scheduled to sing at the communion session but God has a way of changing things!

Brotherhood also shared our "brand" of gospel music during the time of celebration. We joined the "young bucks" band in contemporary worship and songs of adoration and praise to our Savior. However good the music, the results of this Encounter are what truly count.

Many lives were changed, brought unto salvation, refreshed and delivered. A brotherly spirit of unity permated throughout the entire retreat site. We rejoice with the angels in heaven as new men were birthed to the glory of God! Blessings until next time...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Old Timers Day at Ft. Christmas

On Saturday, May 9th, the 12th edition of this annual event was very, very hot!! Hot from all the smokers cooking and the actual weather. Temperatures hit in the high 90's but the hundreds of attendees braved it well.

The day was full of fun, food and celebration. There were community leaders, a wonderful hot country lunch, raffles and, of course, great music for all. Bluegrass and country were handled by Ramblin' Rose and a cowboy pickin' group (Jack and the Seminoles?). Brotherhood and The Floridians anchored the southern gospel side. The blend of sounds complemented each other throughout the day.

Brotherhood shared traditional favorites such as "Nothing But The Blood", "Sweeter As The Days Go By" & "The Eastern Gate" that got everyone clapping & "signing" (for the hearing impaired). That was a first for us - we enjoyed it, too! We also introduced some new stuff including "Give It Away" - a rousing Gaither tune. Before that song, Brotherhood did a Mother's Day give-a-way to the oldest Mom present. Two ladies in their 80's shared that honor (remember... women do not reveal their true age!). Check our photo album above for new ones added.

Thanks to John & Jean Tanner who organize Old Timers Day each year. A special thanks to Joe Long (The Floridians) for handling our sound... good job!! See you all next May... it just keeps getting better and better! (It's always the Saturday before Mother's Day). God bless you!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Busy... Busy... Busy

It's been awhile since the last update but Brotherhood has... been busy. Besides our livelihood, each one is either leading or a part of a small group within our local church. Dan is just about to start one with his wife dealing with couples discipleship. John is dealing with important family matters - a graduation and a wedding (both out of state)!!

Rehearsals for current and new material have been rescheduled a few times, as well. Mel is undergoing medical treatment in Tampa so his available time is meager. Please keep him in your prayers during this crucial time. Mel is fun loving, has a jovial spirit and a self admitted "cryer" so he has a tender heart. The latest news is that he's having very little side effects, eating well and has almost completed the required weeks. Praise God for doing ALL things well!

More good news as Brotherhood is excited about our upcoming ministries. The outdoor concert in May at Ft. Christmas heads the list. We also anticipate an Old Time Gospel Sing in the fall that will revive classic hymns and choruses we all love so well. Our next CD project will include many more of your favorites and a sprinkling of newer Gospel songs that Brotherhood can't wait to record!

On a final note... may everyone have a blessed Ressurection Sunday. Remember," you can't have the cradle without the cross"!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Breakfast Kickoff '09

A blessed New Year to all!! After some rest during the holidays, Brotherhood starts again. It also gave us time to learn/ rehearse new songs as we modify our "play list" to better minister to the various audiences.

A case in point - a men's breakfast (Jan. 24) was a first for us. The song selections were made with much prayer so the ministry would be most effective. Typically, our musical style crosses a congregation's culture but singing to only men - they are a different breed!! Brotherhood was pumped as we sang some classics and added a few new upbeat quartet songs to "test" on this crowd.

Wow... did God ever deliver!! The men rejoiced, clapped, sang along (sometimes) and were very receptive. The breakfast theme was, "The Right Thing - In the Home" and the message shared by Dan focused on that subject. "Give It Away" urged them to share the blessings of God with others and "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" reminded the men to depend on Him for all things. The altar call saw men receive salvation and prayer for those seeking healing, financial miracles and a closer walk with our Lord. Once again, we praise God for His faithfulness and being there - all the time!