Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Last night, Brotherhood was featured as part of an Old Time Gospel Night in Orlando. The evening started with... some food! A scrumptious assortment of meats, side dishes, salads and desserts were tempting but we "kept our distance". We did partake but not to "overflowing".

There were a few solo artists sharing wonderful, beautiful songs (old & new) that were uplifting and worshipful. An 85 year old retired minister joined in the fun, as well. He sang "On Christ The Solid Rock" with all the vim and vigor of a young buck. I sure hope I sound as good as he when I reach his age (Lord willing). He really did not need a microphone!

When it was our turn, John started getting very anxious - like an expectant father! It wasn't the ministry/stage jitters but the thought of singing a brand new song for the first time. Not just any song; it was one that he had written!! In preparing our set, he felt led to start off with that song and set the tone for what would follow. Well, God sure gave him guidance with that decision. Brotherhood did a fine job delivering, "Hymns Of Faith", which captures the great cornerstone hymns that are foundational to our faith. He was a proud Dad!!

We sang other classics ("I'm Feeling Fine", "Love Lifted Me") and church choruses that took you back to camp meeting revival days. The chorus medley encouraged audience participation and that they did! Not only did they sing, but they praised with uplifted hands, danced and did a Jericho march. I could tell how much those songs really meant to each person there. "I've Anchored In Jesus", "What A Friend We Have In Jesus", "When We All Get To Heaven", "I've Got A Mansion" are just a few to name. Brotherhood was truly blessed to be part of this great celebration. We pray there are more of these to come... the more, the better!!

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Melody said...

Wish I was there! Sounds like it was great!