Sunday, December 7, 2014


We see that another year is passing us by and 2014 was a unique year for Brotherhood. Phil busily serves as senior pastor and loves working door-to-door evangelism, Dan has made a few missionary trips as translator for the Jesus Film project, Mel is back after recuperating from a blood clot that was miraculously discovered and John is juggling work, ministry, family, Brotherhood and songwriting while recovering from laryngitis (I don't like that).

It's tough trying to rest your vocal chords while your wife is also suffering from similar ailments. And it came just as I was to sing 4 times within 8 days! With God's help, I made it through 3 of those engagements. Boy, did I need the Lord during those difficult and trying times. But it's in that quiet time, when you are alone and thinking what to do - God brings the peace and rest required!

Didn't that happen over 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem? A picture comes to mind of a small town in the dead of night. Two weary travelers, expecting their first child, arrive after a long journey seeking a warm place rest. In those days there was no telephone, no reservations - it was first come, first served. And so, with no rooms available, they settled for wherever they could lay to rest.

In that still and quiet time, the son of God was born into this world! No fanfare, no cameras, no newspaper columnists on the scene to break the news. Jesus came as no one expected but He came to bring "peace on earth and good will toward men". The prophesy was fulfilled and the wise men came bearing gifts and worship the new born King. That holy night suddenly became anything but silent and the world would never be the same again!!! Thank God for sending us His only Son to become the savior of the whole world.

Pray for Brotherhood as we continue to "labor in the fields" even when the nights are silent! For we know that "joy comes in the morning" and we await His soon return. But until then, we should all practice His presence, trust Him to see us through every situation, thank Him for providing our needs and worship/serve the Lord with all our might.

See you down the road...have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


This is one update or "news from the 'Hood" I never thought I'd write. I can't believe it but Brotherhood has spent a decade together in music ministry! It all started in September 2004 and the lineup hasn't changed either which is quite rare these days. We praise God for ALL He has done... to God be the glory!

To commemorate this milestone, a special 10th anniversary concert is set for Sunday, September 28th at Church Alive at the 10:30 AM service. The church is located at 970 Tuskawilla Road, Winter Springs, FL 32708. 

Brotherhood will feature songs they've enjoyed singing throughout that 10 year span and believe they are some of your favorites, as well. We will also reminisce a bit, share some ministry memories along the way and preach the Word. We've made so many friends in our travels and, if you live in or are visiting the central Florida area, we hope to see you there.

P.S. If you can't attend... send an email telling us that you're praying for Brotherhood, have a special thought/ encouragement/ memory to share, etc. Make sure to tell us the church or event you saw Brotherhood. That would mean so much to us as we continue on.

Mark your calendars now!!

Be blessed and be a blessing,


 Yes, yes, yes. I know it’s been a while since my last post. But have no fear, Brotherhood is still alive and kicking! We are busily working on a variety of new music, writing songs that are being used in the church body and mentoring those around us. The past few months have been excitedly different as we focused on individual needs and other ministry projects.
Phil and his wife have been very occupied as senior pastor of a growing church and doing the unthinkable these days. He does door-to-door evangelism in the community! Phil has assembled a small group of those willing to be trained and conduct this hands-on ministry. It’s been a wonderful experience and many have been added to God’s kingdom, even healed, as a direct result of faith in action. “Many are called but few are chosen.”
Mel has taken some quiet time away at his North Carolina retreat. But before leaving, he has been a huge help to those needing everyday assistance. For example, Mel offered his truck and strong body to move a large dining room set – that was an answer to prayer. He & his wife have also opened their home to relatives needing temporary shelter as they go through a difficult time in their lives. “Little is much when God is in it.”
Dan and his wife, former full time missionaries, are “on the road again” with the Jesus Film Project. As part of the translation team, they have been to areas in many foreign countries having multiple tongues or dialects. After returning from Guatemala, Dan is now part of the team in Papa New Guinea planning their next mission. Ironically, that’s where he started as missionary, so it’s “going back home time”!! We can’t wait for his return either. “The fields are ripe unto harvest.”
John has been busy with the preparation of his in-laws home for sale. Since they’ve passed away, his wife has been serving as general contractor and doing smaller jobs herself. She’s done so well that it looks like a model home. And the hard work has paid off – the home sold in 4 hours, praise God! John has been also writing new material in new uncharted waters. Besides the strong gospel emphasis, God has given him songs about mothers and the mission field. In fact, one particular song with a contemporary sound (Faithful One) was sung by a P&W ensemble for the mission offertory during church service. “Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.”
Brotherhood is re-energized and excited as we rehearse new songs that will impact those who hear. They are songs that offer encouragement, to remain faithful, stand up for your belief and continue loving others as God has loved, and still loves, all of us. We are “chomping on the bit” and ready to go! A few dates remain on the 2014 calendar highlighted by our 10th anniversary concert in September (details later). “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel...”

So you see, God’s work is never ending and not conformed to a box (you can only do one thing). Remember what the Bible says. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” See you on down the road. Until then, be blessed and be a blessing!

Sunday, March 16, 2014


If the Christmas decorations are all down, then it must mean Valentine's Day has arrived. Did you treat your special someone well? Why wait until February 14th to spread that love around? That treatment should be the norm rather than the exception. If we have the love of Christ living in us, then let it rise to the top and be visible more often to everyone around us! You'd be surprised at how contagious that happy, sweet spirit can be. Wouldn't that be a nice epidemic shared around the world!! 

In February, Brotherhood had a wonderful time back at Victory Church in Lakeland and made some new friends and saw some old ones. It's been awhile but it "felt like home" singing to such grand folks! Some were regulars, some were snowbirds from up north as far as Canada (they're smart). Our doo-wop song, "Jesus You're So Wonderful" has now been given another name. Pastor Brock referred to it as the Beach Boys type song (thanks pastor) and thought "Give It Away" was a perfect song choice right before offering time! "Roll Away" continues to be a crowd favorite as well. So long as people remember them and are blessed by any of our songs, it's all worth it. Praise God!
Stay well, be blessed and be a blessing. FYI... remember to "make friends" with Brotherhood on Facebook.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


A belated Happy New Year to everyone and pray that 2014 be extra special for you. This year is very significant for Brotherhood; it marks our 10th anniversary in gospel music ministry! It started as a one- time singing event that has blossomed, with God's grace and favor, into a gratifying experience of reaching the lost and encouraging the body of Christ in word and song. Each member is part of the "original foursome" who have grown in Christ and brotherly bonded love during that time.

We anticipate a great year of celebration and anticipate "reunion concerts" at a few familiar churches. Recently, we made a last minute "unplugged" appearance at an inaugural senior event. We mixed some old and new music that was accapella and mainly with piano accompaniment. That's how quartets originally sang - 4 voices and 1 piano. Also, Brotherhood is looking forward to doors being opened at new churches. It's always exciting to visit these places to share our branded style of gospel music and make new friends! Lord willing, we are planning a special anniversary concert that will feature Brotherhood material over the past decade. We hope to see you sometime this year! Look for special emails and our website for calendar dates and times.
Now what are your plans for a new year? Reduce clutter, increase Bible reading, reduce weight, increase prayer, start a new hobby, etc. Some churches start with a Daniel Fast which is a great way to align your body, mind and spirit with our heavenly Father. It will be a time of refreshing, reenergizing and renewed covenants. Some need a good "kick start" to get focus and clarity that will prepare/allow us to serve the Lord in new and different ways. Decide what you can do to make 2014 productive and a blessing. You never know what He has in store for you to do!
Stay well, be blessed and be a blessing. FYI... remember to "make friends" with Brotherhood on Facebook.