Tuesday, October 26, 2010


October and November are special months this year. Besides Phil and John birthdays, there is a major production every October. “The Last Reunion” experienced another successful ministry outreach. I mention it because Brotherhood is quite involved with it. Dan, our resident thespian, has the lead role as the widowed patriarch of a family facing major/tragic issues in everyday life. He’s had the lead for a very long time and LTR has been running for nearly 20 years! With 7 shows in 10 nights, Dan can be worn very thin. And, Brotherhood needs Dan back in full strength! Sunday, October 17, concluded the production run with a standing room only performance. I was told Jan Crouch, from TBN, was in attendance!! Word really spreads when something is really this good and impactful. During the show’s run, more than 1,200 people came to the altars for salvation, healing, reconciliation, etc. May God bless “The Last Reunion” as it continues to reach out to the lost and hurting.

Election Day 2010 is also drawing near and results will be critical for the future of our country. Consider the long lasting impact of those we place in political office during these trying times. Why is this great land called America in trouble? It’s simple – we have turned our backs on God. “If my people would humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, I will heal their land.” That’s what God promised back then and He still promises today. So, this Election Day remember to earnestly pray, then vote and then pray some more. May God bless America again!”

Monday, October 4, 2010


We’re now heading towards the far turn and then… into the home stretch for 2010! Can you believe that another year is quickly passing us by? We will get to the year in review in a later blog. For now, how is Brotherhood doing this Fall? Well, here goes …

On a September Sunday afternoon, our Mayflower engagement was a bit different. We shared the Good News with our elderly friends in an assisted living environment. It was a very beautiful setting that is very deserving for our elder statesmen; it felt like a hotel. Before and after, Brotherhood did some “hands on” work by greeting, conversing and witnessing to the many who attended. They requested some old time songs that we graciously included, such as “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” and “Bicycle Built For Two”. They clapped and sang along with our “Old Time Medley” (Old Time Religion, Peace Like A River & Praise Him).

Brotherhood was back at it the following evening, as we were featured at “Old Time Gospel Nite”. What a great time we had turning back the gospel clock on soul stirring songs of yester year. Brotherhood sang “Nothing But The Blood”, “Love Lifted Me”, Build My Mansion” and “The Eastern Gate”. Also, “His Name Is Wonderful and “The Longer I Serve Him” brought back memories of our church days as youth. Brotherhood invited others to join us on stage to sing (choir style) with sing-a-long choruses. We distributed hymn books and people called out their favorites singing the first and last stanzas – just like in “church”! How marvelous and wonderful heaven will be!

A soloist sang, “His Grace Is Sufficient” that touched me deeply. It took me back to my early teens when our zone youth choir, Crusader Chorale, sang this song at a CCNA national church convention. My Dad had just passed away and that song gave me strength and hope as we sang “and in Him there is hope for everyday” from the depths of our hearts. It reminded me, once again, that He is truly all I need and is all sufficient. That means Jesus Christ is enough, He’s my in all and makes life bountiful and satisfying. When you get right down to it, everything else in life is peripheral “window dressing”.

The following Tuesday, Brotherhood closed out the month by singing at a Small Group Leaders Training Advance. These quarterly meetings provide instructions and encouragement for new and experienced leaders within the church. The evenings theme focused on “Scaling New Heights” to affect growth within your small group. Well, Brotherhood could answer that real well. Brotherhood is a very unique small group; we are defined by limited members but our growth is experienced (1) musically, (2) personally and (3) by outreach extent.

We all shared a bit, but Mel gave a real, touching response. For a long time, Mel felt limited in his ability to serve God. However, the altar work in NYC touched him so deep and stirred the gift of praying for people. Mel admits it was overwhelming at first but so satisfying to his personal relationship with Christ. He no longer feels inadequate to step forward and pray with a needy soul. What a wonderful praise report of how God works in our lives while we minister to others. It’s truly a 2-way street!!

Until next time… may we desire to love and serve Him more and more each and every day.”