Monday, November 23, 2009


On November 20th, Brotherhood was the musical guests at Sanctuary Church of God. It was Sr. Thanksgiving dinner and were grateful for the invite to share the love of God. And... to share food and fellowship with our new, extended family.

Since the days of the pilgrim, Thanksgiving has centered around appreciation and giving thanks to our heavenly Father for all His provisions. It's also about family and togetherness which Brotherhood strongly felt that evening. We shared a table with the pastor and his wife who were about to celebrate their 1 year anniversary as pastor of the congregation.

As the concert progressed, it was evident that Brotherhood's program was focussed on heaven and our eternal reward with Him. We added some special songs such as "When We All Get To Heaven" and a full rendition of "I've Got a Mansion". These people really were excited about heaven as they sang along and lifted their hands toward the sky! Afterwards, we chatted with some dear folks by our product table and discovered connections with some of our home states of Michigan and New York.

It IS a small, small world... but we serve a mighty, big God!! Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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