Friday, November 6, 2009


After a schedule fix, Brotherhood finally was able to minister at Calvary Towers last night. Although it was a cool Orlando evening, the fire was getting started inside. PA technical issues were not going to hinder or dampen our spirits. God was faithful and, as a team, we worked out the problem right before concert time.

Phil experienced throat problems earlier this week and the program was tailored to conserving his voice; he was also sharing the word. Praise God, he felt great and after the first song had no vocal issues! In fact, he said he never felt better!! The voices of John, Dan & Mel provide the rich balanced quartet sound we all enjoy and savor. As they say, "practice makes perfect".

Brotherhood's mixture of new gospel ("Give It Away") and old time favorites ("Sweeter As The Days Go By") were a crowd pleaser. "Hymns Of Faith", a song written by John, was well received and everyone was encouraged to join in on their favorites. Phil's message dealt with staying active in God's work and be a disciple at any age. There is no retirement for a Christian! Just share the love of God and not hide it "under a bushel"... just give it away!! Until next time...

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