Monday, July 6, 2009


Prolific composers we may not be but when God gives, He gives abundantly! I believe God gives everyone a song but not all listen and receive. Brotherhood members, Phil and John, are among those who do and make sure to capture what He's saying to them.

It's happened in the past, but recently, Phil has a few original choruses that he's been excitedly sharing with those around him. And, John has been blessed to pen four full length compositions - praise God! Hopefully, two of them will make their debut with Brotherhood very soon. "Hymns Of Faith" is an upbeat, gospel tune that you're sure to relate to and enjoy. "Red, White and New" has patriotic undertones but really portrays a pledge of allegiance to Christ.

We're excited about these new creative developments and Brotherhood will continue to use it all for the glory of God and proclamation that Christ is Lord. Have a safe, wonderful summer and be a blessing to someone today!

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