Friday, May 17, 2013


It's that time of year we honor our mothers and fathers and the list expands to those who are grandparents, aunts, uncles and even great grandparents. How wonderful it is to see large families celebrating these events and to know God's blessing is upon them and their offspring for many generations. I'm sure grannies and gramps now reap the rewards of their efforts through respect and love and honor... and care. Today it's becoming the norm for children to care for their parents who are now living longer than ever - many outlive their children, too!

Our heavenly Father looks down and watches His children all the time. Are you making Him a proud Father? Remember that He loves and cares for you more than your earthly parents can ever express. A children's chorus says it all. "His love is deeper than the ocean and higher than the mountains... And He will see you through the storms of life."

Brotherhood is soon to be proud poppas as our new CD project, "Bridge The Gap", is in the final stages and we can't wait! Thank God for patience and guidance through it all. In April, the GEMS organization held a fund raising dinner, silent auction and concert at the Sanford Civic Center. GEMS endeavors to provide scholarships for teen girl obesity camp (from a Christian perspective), build self esteem, teach nutritional values for a healthy, blessed life. Brotherhood was invited guests at a benefit concert along with other gospel singers providing a variety of gospel music - R&B, southern, country, jazz, contemporary, etc. We had a blast sharing our brand of gospel and became better acquainted with local artists throughout the evening. John wore many hats that night as he MC'd the silent auction and interviewed each vendor. Besides singing, he also has to be sound tech for all the artists - thank God the controls were stationed just off stage! Kathy Webb, a local TV personality, was the special speaker who shared her overweight experience as a teenager and how she overcame with God's help, praise God.

Doors are opening for Brotherhood's unique ministry that has taken them to many venues and denominations. And each member is taking care of other matters. Mel is taking a personal retreat away from the "hustle & bustle" while checking out other gospel groups in NC, Dan is part of an overseas translation team for the Jesus Film and specific Bible book projects (i.e. Luke), Phil is busy tending the flock at his church, conducting Bible studies and working with evangelism teams. John keeps busy with the P&W team, church administration, teaching personal finances through Christ and... music. Besides managing Brotherhood and seeking new material (always), he's working on duets with his wife, Deborah. He enjoys their practices and it's been a blessing to sing with her - another unexpected miracle!

Stay well, be blessed and be a blessing.

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