Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Well, the summer's gone and we head into fall. Boy, the time seems to fly by faster than ever before! But as the world seems to whiz by, we need to stop and "smell the roses" along the way. Let's not get caught up with the fast paced, need-it-now, self-centered life that can draw us farther away from time with God. We need to stay focused on daily conversation and communion with our Father. It's very precious time that will help us through every day, every trial and bring peace, love and joy to our heart and soul. It's ME time with Him - no one else matters and we should look forward to the time we set aside for that purpose. If you haven't done so, get started and make it a routine you cannot break!

 Again, we had a blast on our return visit to the New York City area. Seeing old friends, making new friends, sampling NY food (pizza, bagels, pastries), laughter and fellowship were cake icing to Brotherhood's concert dates. We even saw a street stick ball game in the Bronx - that brought back memories! Ministering at 4 churches in 3 days, these warm, gracious people quickly became family and they enjoyed good gospel quartet music. Many have heard us before and requested a favorite or two. "Roll Away" has become a sing-a-long chorus and "Jesus You're So Wonderful" is now referred to as the do-wop song. We packaged a variety of tunes from our recent CD project among others that included new gospel, hymns, accapella and gospel classics. We also added a Retro Praise segment of uplifting, hand clapping, revival time medley songs for all to sing. They loved it! Brotherhood's blend of music & message touched many lives as evident by those who came forward during altar call. We love NY and God loves NY, too!

Stay well, be blessed and be a blessing. FYI... remember to "make friends" with Brotherhood on Facebook.

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