Monday, November 29, 2010


Well, I’m back and ready to go! Brotherhood has been on hiatus for November due to John’s surgery and Phil’s cruise with the seniors from Faith AG. After recovery, Brotherhood will have a few Christmas concerts coming in December.

Never having a stitch in my body, it was my first hospital experience. In hindsight, surgery is a breeze; it’s the recovery that’s a bear! The first week was difficult but, praise God, He made us wonderful bodies that know how to heal with little help. And this Thanksgiving, I’m extremely thankful for a successful recuperation with the aid of my wonderful nurse (my wife, Deborah). I was blessed with the best care giver in the world! Also, it was a time for God to get my attention and slow down while lying flat on my back – what a sense of humor He has!

I pray that everyone had enough food, fun and family fellowship this Thanksgiving season. As we celebrated, did you truly pause and reflect on the goodness of our Lord? He’s provided us food, clothing, a good home, cars, health, careers and so much more. We are blessed more than you can imagine. May we remember the “giving” in Thanksgiving and give back to God, to our community and church. Ask God to help find someone in need before the year ends and be a blessing to them. In that way, you may be the only Jesus that they see! Be the light in a lost and dying world.

God bless until next time!

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