Thursday, May 27, 2010


May is a time when spring leads to the summertime season. April showers bring May flowers and summer thoughts are very cooling and relaxing. Well, it appears that Brotherhood will not have that luxury. We finalized our studio CD for production and had a few ministries added before flying to New York City (June 11-14). Here’s what’s happening…

On Saturday May 22nd, Brotherhood presented an outdoor concert at Ft. Christmas Park for the Sanctuary Church of God holiday picnic. It was quite different but a wonderful experience sharing the gospel with good food and Christian fellowship. Brotherhood dusted off some oldies and treated these fine folks to some old quartet favorites like, “Jesus Is Coming Soon” and “Redemption Draweth Nigh”. They also enjoyed our camp meeting sing-a-long; an up tempo medley of church choruses we all remember well. And being so close to Memorial Day, we also honored the war veterans with patriotic songs and asked them to stand when their branch of service was mentioned.

Our home church was a final destination and a last minute addition. Being quite large and still growing, Faith Assembly has much talent but leans towards the contemporary style of praise & worship. So… for Brotherhood to sing “our” gospel music at mid-week service (5/26) was an unexpected blessing and thrill! The congregation and webcast viewers really enjoyed “Roll Away” from our soon-to-be released CD. We thank God for every opportunity to present His message, especially when we’re able to give back to church friends and family who support us.

As I looked around at the peoples’ faces, it made me think of how different yet wonderfully made we all are! We’re like that Japanese artwork, origami, in the Father’s hands. Just think of how He takes a simple piece of paper (dust of the earth) and makes a beautiful form (our human body). And, by His grace and mercy, He uses situations to brings us to Him and then continues to shape us into His image! And God uses the twists and turns in our lives to make us more like His Son. I suggest you read Romans 8:29!!

More to come…

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