Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well, Brotherhood vacation time may be drawing to a close but ministry never stops. Mel and Dan travelled to the deep South and Midwest to “scout the territory”, John is coordinating the PromiseKeepers conference in Orlando and Phil is heading out west… to West Africa! He, along with a team of men, will lead a Men’s God Encounter in Ghana later this month. It is believed that 500 - 1,000 men will gather for this countrywide event. What an awesome experience and rare opportunity He has allowed!!

Discounting the NYC tour, Brotherhood has now officially released our inaugural studio CD, “Sweet Sounds Of Heaven”! On Monday night, we held a CD Release Celebration at a senior dinner. These baby boomers plus have been our biggest supporters and we decided to offer the CD to them first at this concert. We selected certain songs – each members’ favorites plus a few that we ALL just love to sing. It’s apparent that “Roll Away” is the CD hit single! No matter where we go (incl. NYC), that’s the most requested song. It’s loved by young and old alike; even those who favor R&B, hip hop and rock can’t get that song out of their head, praise God!! The CD is now in stock at the church bookstore and will soon be made available online at the Brotherhood blog site along with other inspirational products.

And… although the 4th of July has passed, may we continue to pray for God’s hand of protection on our great nation, our troops fighting for our freedom and for God’s wisdom and guidance for those in office. God bless America now and always!!

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