Thursday, February 18, 2010


Praise God, our studio work is done... the singers that is. Now it's time for the engineers and producers to add some background support and create the master! We are very excited and delighted at the initial results. Everyone stayed in fine voice but may tweak and add some special vocals to certain songs.

The CD is a special blend of old, new and original material. We've agreed on the CD title and will start branding our Brotherhood logo with this CD. Letterhead, business cards, flyers, etc. will begin displaying this new and unique format, as well.

Other related areas are starting to blossom. We are working on the artistic layout for the CD design. And, we've been asked to have our music sold at the local church bookstore. People are requesting our music and we've placed Brotherhoods' live CD there already!!

God is soooo good and we can't express our gratitude for how much He's given us and allowed Brotherhood to do for Him! Keep us in your prayers as we ask God's blessing on this project and the outreach possibilities. A NYC concert tour is planned... more details later!!

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