Wednesday, April 4, 2012


As the national gospel groups head north, Brotherhood starts revving up their CFL concert schedule. Deciding what new songs should be added to our mix is always challenging but so rewarding and fulfilling. But when a song "connects" with your spirit in such a unique way, you can't let go of it. It constantly runs through your mind and spirit. A phrase from a certain song will pierce my heart, move me to tears or want me to sing at the top of my lungs! Such phrases as "an empty tomb", "He will take you through the fire again", "saved by grace", "the devil had his shot but he couldn't put Me away", "remind me dear Lord". Thank you Lord for this uplifting, soul stirring music!

In March, Brotherhood had the rare opportunity to be part of of a gospel concert series. Life Community Church of God decided to hold a different gospel concert each month. A trio, solo artist and quartet rounded out the unique series intended to bridge the gap by connecting gospel music's tradition to the church and community. Mel, our Kentuckian bass, made a brand new friend connection after meeting the pastors wife - she's also from Kentucky! We had a great time singing and sharing the good news via Brotherhood's unique blend of traditional and non-traditional music along with hymns and sing-a-long praise & worship (see photo attached). And, that doo-wop style song seems to connect with many, as well. As long as the people understand the message, that the Lord is so wonderful, that's all that really matters. We look forward to a return visit!

You know, old time praise and worship singing is becoming a lost art in many churches.The new songs are fine but the wonderful, old hymns and choruses cannot be beat. They hold much more meaning and depth that is not lost even after decades and decades have passed. Brotherhood will endeavor to keep that rich music heritage alive and include such songs in our ministry programs.

NEWSFLASH 1... As you may know, "yours truly" has been writing more than ever and has a featured column in a very popular internet publication, with an outreach to 12 countries. In a recent conversation with my editor, I learned that my March article (Courtney Collingsworth interview) has been the #3 favorite "hit" on the website! The Fans' Hot 40 gospel chart is always numero uno to view. I'm very grateful and thankful to God for the interest many readers have in what I write. I especially enjoy reading your comments so... keep on reading - there's more to come!

NEWSFLASH 2 ... Sunday, April 15th, is more than a tax filing deadline day. Brotherhood will be in concert at Volusia Music Club in Orange City, FL at the First Congregation Church (UCC) on W. University. We look forward to meeting new friends and reacquainting with others.

Continue to keep us in your prayers. We hope to see you "down the road" sometime soon! Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday, too!

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