Thursday, May 24, 2012


Outside of Easter/ Resurrection Sunday, I'm not really a big fan of springtime anymore. Why? Because it's the time we always turn our clocks ahead and lose an hour of sleep. That's what they say about the first night but what happens afterwards? For me, the mind and body take longer to adjust so I awake long before the alarm and start yawning at 9:30 at night! It took me a few weeks to catch up with everything, so I'm thankful that it's finally over! It takes that phrase "to everything there is a season" to a whole new level of meaning for me.

In April, Brotherhood made a return engagement at the Volusia Music Club. We enjoy this event since it gives us the chance to connect with a wide range of talented people from various denominations. Hey... sounds a bit like what heaven might be like!By request, Brotherhood also took part in a Talent/Karaoke night which showcased our "other" talents such as comedy and acting. Dan is, by far, our best at both but big Mel is getting his acting legs under him, as well. Being a New Yorker, the Hee Haw skit was a bit of a stretch for me but was so much fun! Our thanks to Phil for putting it all together - it actually worked. I felt better when we concluded with a few "real" Brotherhood songs. As you can see, Christians can, and do, have fun!

The May schedule is still being worked on with a few ministry possible opportunities in a short window. Brotherhood continues to prepare diligently for our summer weekend road trip. This year we are headed west - west Florida, that is. We'll be in the Tampa/ St. Pete. area June 9-10 and will provide details to all our 'Hood followers living in FL.

Continue to keep us in your prayers and keep going strong for Him. We hope to see you "down the road" sometime soon!

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