Wednesday, March 7, 2012


"Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, With the cross of Jesus going on before." That's our battle cry as Brotherhood continues their gospel music ministry. With the desire to be used of God wherever He leads us is all we ask. As we go onward with Him, we remain focused on the task at hand - that's straight ahead. But, we also look upward for His guidance along the way. We just don't know who we will touched by a song that is sung or a word spoken in concert ministry. Emails I've received prove that over and over again. Shouldn't that be the blue print we ALL follow every day? It may not be the spoken word but through our actions and responses to those around us.

Brotherhood's first February events were wonderfully blessed. We had a special time with new and old friends at Garden of Grace, Men's Encounter and a Srs. Valentines dinner. Brotherhood shared gospel standards, doo-woop style and new hits, along with some hymns and praise & worship. Besides our originals, we also introduced a few new ones - " Greatly Blessed & Highly Favored", "The Blood Will Never Lose Its' Power" and "Sweet Jesus". We enjoyed the sweet celebration time at the Men's Encounter and sang with some "new blood" - the young P&W band!

Since the first two dates fell near Valentine's Day, we included a few love songs, as well. We learned that one couple was celebrating their 6th wedding anniversary - they were married on February 14!! The greatest love we all share and experience is the love of our Lord who freely gave His very life for us. And, we will continue to celebrate that great love each and every day.

NEWSFLASH... All you local 'Hood followers!!! On Saturday, March 17th, Brotherhood's concert starts at 6:30PM - Life Community Church of God in Winter Springs, FL (that's right around the corner!). Visit the church's website for more information and directions.

Continue to keep us in your prayers. We hope to see you "down the road" sometime soon!

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