Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This past weekend, three quarters of Brotherhood joined a camping trip with married couples and their families from our home church. More than seventy believers spent quality “tent time” together – cooking, eating, playing games, swimming, boating, talking, laughing, praying and singing. Being a “city boy”, I didn’t cherish the thought of setting up and taking down camp with all the stuff in between! But, I wanted to be with my good friends; it was wonderfully refreshing and inspirational! Besides heaven, where else will you find great fellowship with the family of God, nature and our heavenly Father!

At Saturday’s morning devotional, Brotherhood shared a few sing-along choruses that was appropriate for that outdoor setting. And then, as the day’s activities slowed to a crawl, the campfire was started. As moths to a flame, everyone gravitated towards the light and “circled their wagons”. We shared a Q&A session to foster group conversation which led to testimonies of God’s greatness and goodness to His people. The “cherry on top” was the steady flow of spontaneous songs of praise as the fire burned brightly. And it grew even brighter as the Lord favored us with a full moon! My spirit was so charged, I had a very hard time sleeping that night. Sunday’s outdoor service was a delightful mixture of children’s Bible songs, testimonies, "sermonette" and prayer.

It reminded me that no matter how dim life’s road may be, God holds us in the palm of His hand. He holds tomorrow so why should we worry or fret! And, thank you Lord, for taking me from an air conditioned, controlled weekend environment to an unknown, uncommon, rough-it-up-so-what weekend. I may not do it again very soon but is was truly worth it all!

Final Thought: Ah yes, Easter is the “flavor of the month” for the world to celebrate something. Baskets full of candy, new dresses, bunnies and colored egg hunts for the children. However, this is one, if not, the most important celebrations for all Christians. For, if there was no crucifixion AND resurrection, the birth of Jesus Christ would be just another date on the calendar. Remember that God’s love is so great, Jesus Christ would still have gone to Calvary if you were the ONLY person on earth! So, be blessed and be a blessing to someone, as well!

Continue to keep Brotherhood in your thoughts and prayers. After the holidays, we get busy with more practice on new material (always there). Plus, the calendar has us scheduled at First Presbyterian of Lake Mary, FL for a Sunday 5PM concert on June 5th. The following weekend (June 10-12) takes Brotherhood back to the Big Apple again – New York, New York!! Concert details will follow soon so stay tuned.

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