Monday, May 9, 2011


May usually signifies the coming of Mother’s Day and the warmth of soon-to-be summer, unless you live in a warm climate (like me). Remember your mothers everyday; don’t wait for a special date on the calendar. Tell them how much you love and appreciate all that they’ve done for you. It could also be a grandmother, aunt or dear friend that you consider as a mother figure. Childbirth can be easy but carrying and delivering a newborn is serious business. In some cases, it can be fatal to either life.

Hmmmm… pondering thought: Despite the possibility of harm, injury or death, women still continue to bear children. The negative is far outweighed by the positive benefits, the joy, love and care for your very own offspring. And, no matter how painful those nine months were, it is soon forgotten as laughter, joy and smiles are enjoyed and shared with the “new mom”. The following years nurture the growth of that infant into a mature, responsible person.

Christ bore the entire weight of sin and endured it until the very end! “Surely He bore our sorrows and by His stripes we are healed.” Jesus Christ did not call 10,000 angels to “rescue” Him because of His boundless love for ALL of us. And His death was for all mankind - present and still to come. He did not die for a select few but for all that believe and place their faith & trust in Him. So, stop and think about our Father’s love and the pain endured by His Son on the cross. Can you imagine the smile on His face when someone becomes a Christian and decides to follow Him? He came for the masses yet loves and cares for each one individually. Decide to continue a one-on-one relationship with the One who loved you first.

Be blessed, love your neighbor as thyself… and live in peace!

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