Friday, June 24, 2011


No, I don't have a real cousin Vinnie in my family! I have Angelo's, Anthony's, Carmine's, Lenny's, Johnny's, Ronnie's... but no Vinnie's. That's just the name Mel, our bass, uses whenever Brotherhood goes to New York City. It started last year when Mel fell in love with the entire city and his new Italian friends. He wanted to be part of them so much that he temporarily changed his name. "Cousin Vinnie Serruci" surfaces and gets reacquainted with pizza, other Italian food and my real cousins. His pronunciation of Italian words is hysterical but I love it! Our pianist, Dan, now has been added to the mix and I gave him the name of "Vito Salvatore" - cousin to Vinnie (notice the same initials). An entire, wacky story has evolved as to how their fathers came to America... Phil loves the food but has no desire to have a "New York Italian name" - fugetaboutit!!

And, these guys just cracked me up and I laughed so hard that I lost my voice - seriously! And, it happened on both trips. I enjoy these men in music ministry and know God wants us to have fun, too. Father's Day has come and gone but the joy of fatherhood continues. Father God desires good things for His children as we faithfully serve and honor Him. We can't lose in God's economy so let's remember to give Him our very best. May the Father's joy live in your hearts and lives continually. I pray that all the men had a very Happy Father's Day.

God bless and "mangia"!!

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