Friday, July 15, 2011


Fireworks, picnics, baseball, BBQ's, hot nights, hot daogs, fireflies, heat lightning and lightning bugs are all sure signs that summer is upon us in the USA. I can remember hot times in the city when fire hydrants were our cool relief (no pools), we played outside way past dark and enjoyed the cool breeze a box fan would bring. Air conditioners were not for everyone and central air wasn't quite needed in NYC.

After a quick dinner concert, Brotherhood is also getting some relief before we resume our schedule in August. We are still basking in God's goodness and blessings poured out to His people in the metro NY area. It's a joy to share what God is doing in other parts of America. He's the same yesterday, today and forever. Likewise, He's the same in Florida, New York and California! There will always be a wonderful, spirit connection when we gather with like believers.

Two instances to share:
(1) I was blessed to attend a picnic reunion with folks that I hadn't seen in over 40 years. I was late to arrive, but from a distance, I could see the joy of Christian fellowship. It's as if time stood still and we had never been apart! (2) While driving through a section of Brooklyn, NY, I noticed the different ethnic stores right next to each other - Hebrew, Italian, Greek, Chinese, Indian, Korean, etc. These city people, who many have migrated from foreign lands, live and breathe in the same area or city block. And... they get along!!

Why don't we, as Christians, learn a lesson? Despite denominational differences, we are all the body of Christ. If we don't get along on earth, how will we do so in heaven? So, let's celebrate our American freedom, living in peace and harmony with our brothers and sisters in Christ and everyone else. Let's strive to let the whole world see/know that we can make a difference in our "corner of the world". Amen!!

Until next time!!

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