Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I'm having a brutal August and it's not just from the heat! I'm dealing with all sorts of deadlines -work, family, Brotherhood and personal projects. Early fatigue also occurs but Brotherhood has "weathered the storm". Typically, August is our vacation time but we had 2 concerts in 4 days by the end of the first week but that will be it! An early AM concert at Navair, and a blessed first time event at Restoracion Christian Center. Wow, were those people free in the spirit and truly ushered in God's presence even before Brotherhood started singing. Praise be to God, for getting acquainted with believers from another worship group - and in Spanish! We felt a kindred spirit and look forward to continued fellowship with them. The seniors group from our home church made a "road trip" there - we appreciate their support.

Being blessed with good administrative skills does take the edge off those deadlines I mentioned earlier... but I still have to deal with them. I can't run away, hide and see them magically work out all by themselves. It's not the real world we live in and Christians should not treat projects, confrontations, conflicts, disagreements with family or friends any differently.

You may think they go away, but not so. Everyone has a memory and someday they will recall or recount a bad situation that was never brought to conclusion. They will hold it against you for reasons unknown to you. That's where humility and forgiveness comes into play. Christians should be so sensitive to their surroundings, that their heart and spirit remain restless and uneasy until it's resolved. I can't hold grudges or remain angry for very long; it's not my nature. So... sooner than later, I'll "step to the plate" and take the responsibility to make things right. Sometimes, I'm surprised when a person asks me for forgiveness because I can't recall any wrong doing.

Isn't that like our Father in heaven who doesn't remember our past sins! Our slate is completely clean. He has separated our sins as far as the east is from the west. In so doing, He brings joy in the morning and we have an assurance that we can always come to Him and seek forgiveness.

Be blessed and love one another!!

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