Thursday, September 15, 2011


Summer is gone, children are back to school and the weather's about to change (except Florida). August has already given the northeastern US a weather shock. An earthquake and a hurricane - all within 2 weeks! Don't you think God may be trying to get our attention... just a little? Brotherhood is marching forward and ready for some Fall concert dates in the CFL area plus one set for south Florida. Can anyone say "road trip"? As usual, we are preparing to add some new material to the mix while still keeping true to our style. We will move forward with great gospel tunes - past and present.

Also, since many of our friends and "fans" are asking for another CD, we're doing our best to oblige. With no time for the studio, Brotherhood is producing a new live CD taken from our various concerts throughout Florida and New York over the past few years. Quite exciting and quite different! We thank God for this new project!!

On other news... remember that classic Lucille Ball comedy episode? The one where she's trying to find the right way to tell Ricky that she's pregnant. Unknowingly, Ricky sings "She Having A Baby" and then is shocked to discover he's going to be the dad. It's been awhile since John & Deb's daughter, Joy, blessed them with their first grandchild, Braden. Well... they will be grandparents again after nearly 9 years! Their youngest daughter, Melody, (and her husband Jonathan) are expecting the blessed event in early 2012. "Their baby's having a baby!" We pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery. While John is working on grandchild #2, the rest of Brotherhood, Phil, Mel and Dan have surpassed him a long time ago. Well, what do you expect from the "baby" of the group!

THOUGHT TO PONDER: Doesn't time go by so fast these days? Our children have grown, matured, married and are having babies. We know that's the cycle of life but we should also be reminded that our earthly time is limited. The meter is running and we can't feed it - it just keeps on ticking! May we all be ready for that day when time shall be no more. Have "you house/temple" in order just like the parable of talents in Matthew 25. May the Lord God say, "Well done thou good and faithful servant... enter into the joy of thy lord".
Be blessed... see you "down the road a piece".

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