Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day arrives with much anticipation. Brotherhood is gearing up for that time to proclaim the love of Jesus to everyone. In early February, we held a concert at the “Wild Game and Gospel” men’s praise breakfast. Besides good gospel music, the men were treated to a wonderful breakfast buffet with samplings of deer meat and wild boar sausage. Brotherhood was able to taste some of these treats and test new material on these dear brothers, as well.

We introduced “Jesus, You’re So Wonderful” (a ‘50’s style song), “Get Up!” (original), “Praying Man” (the story of Daniel), the massively popular radio hit “Ephesians One” and “Greater Is He” written by the Crabb family. It was quite an energetic and electric morning of worship and praise; loud like most men like it, too! That morning concert became a worship service complete with altar call as dozens came forward for salvation and a recommitment to Christ.

Brotherhood also shared a few selections at a Men’s Encounter weekend during communion and celebration time. There were close to 200 men in attendance and, by special request, we had to add “Roll Away”. It seems the younger set has really gravitated to that song. It was so much fun singing unto God with an altar area filled with men celebrating God goodness!! In this techie age we live, I noticed some camera phones at work taking pictures and videotaping themselves and Brotherhood – the “live experience”.

We then had a special Valentines dinner event for the +50 generation. The couples truly enjoyed hearing love ballads of yesteryear like “Sincerely” and “Let It Be Me” which led to Christian love songs (well, lots of gospel music are just love songs to Jesus!). Brotherhood shared a few new ones plus “Mansion Over The Hilltop” and “His Name Is Wonderful”. Encores were requested but we were limited on time. Suffice to say, they had a blast!!!

One of my recent daily devotionals was called “defragmentation”. In technology, computers get overloaded and run inefficiently. Over time, it accumulates/stores excessive data that causes computer slowdown. It requires a defragmentation process that removes all unwanted, unnecessary items and results in a faster working computer. That can happen to Christians when we bear so much earthly weight from family, work, etc. that we become sluggish and slow. And it affects our relationship with God, as we tend pray less and read the Word less. We need to undergo defragmentation by asking Him to clear our minds, refresh our spirit and take our load. He will answer and we will be much better off! How big is God? Big enough to create the universe yet small enough to care about “little old you”! Be blessed…

P.S. I want to welcome some “old friends” to News & Views. They are dear church friends who I’ve known since Sunday School class – maybe since cradle time! We’ve had great times and wonderful memories. I truly feel they are just like family – maybe even closer.

Hope to see you all soon.

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