Monday, July 10, 2017


A happy summer holiday season to all! Just sharing some photos from Brotherhoods' recent concert at Sanctuary Church of God in Orlando, FL. And, a quick story I know you'll enjoy. Photos were provided by our new bass singer, Dennis Martin (the man at the far right) and my cousin Ron Russo. I hadn't seen Ron is approx. 15 years, so this was a special treat for me. It was also great to see our home church friends, John and Val... and Cliff Morales! Cliff briefly sang with us during our inaugural year. And now for the story...

Since our concert came right after July 4th holiday, it was only fitting to include some patriotic music and honor our veterans. We came equipped with some props that I've saved - my fathers' Army shirt (still looks new) and and original Navy P-coat. For those who don't know what that is, it's a very heavy winter, double-breasted jacket. 

This one was given to me when I was a teen and I wore it throughout high school and college during the NYC winter seasons. Now, here's the rub... it belonged to my cousin Ron! I told that story at the concert and then gave that P-coat back to him - after nearly 50 years!! He was quite surprised and grateful for that memento. As the picture shows, the coat still fits him!

Now, back to the concert... Brotherhood has a blast meeting new folks and sharing our brand/style of southern gospel music - always something for everyone. We had them play "Name That Tune" and all joined in singing "Mansion Over The Hilltop". We also had special prayer break that was so evidently needed for healings right in the middle of the concert.

 We look forward to a return visit, Lord willing.

See you "down the road"!!

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