Saturday, June 10, 2017


Trust and pray everyone's had a great spring celebrating Easter (Resurrection Sunday), Mother's Day, Father's Day (next week) and graduations. Summer is right around the corner and, believe it or not, half the year is already gone! Hey, don't shoot the messenger - it's true.

The same can be said of those Biblical day messengers heralding Jesus Christ, the coming Messiah. Old testament prophets foretold of His soon appearance and was mocked, ridiculed and considered crazy lunatics. Why would Israels' deliverer come as a baby? They expected a strong, conquering king - a superhero! Well, our God knows what's best/better for us to understand once we embrace the loving Savior. Listen to the lyrics of "Who Would Imagine A King"... and don't shoot the messenger!
I guess you shouldn't shoot the messenger when he delivers other news, as well. After nearly 13 years without a change in personnel,Brotherhood bids farewell to our jovial bass man, Mel Hopkins. He and his wife, Barbara, have relocated/retired to the hills of North Carolina! At our "last supper" we remininced sweet moments of Brotherhood's ministry together - laughed and cried in the process. Me's was very light-hearted and full of the joy of the Lord. His gift was sharing with the children at our concerts in such a tender, grandpa/uncle way. He grabbed their attention so that the could easily grasp the gospel message he would share. Always encouraging, always crying, always Mel. We love him and will sorely miss him.
Change is good... so I've been told. Brotherhood now enters a new phase of ministry with the same purpose! We will continue as a trio or, Lord willing, as a new-look quartet. As you know, the Lord allows doors to open and close for our good. He also brings people into our lives for different purposes, as well. In the past year, Dennis Martin is one such person whom Brotherhood considers a dear friend. He's a fun loving, Godly man who does weekly outreach ministry and recently completed an Israel mission trip. And, by the way, I learned that he sang bass in the choir, with The 4th Man Quartet... and loves southern gospel music! Hmm.....

On occasion, Dennis has admirably filled in for Mel, so he's no stranger to us. We consider this a smooth transition and welcome Dennis to complete Brotherhood's roster, praise God! Attached are some "welcome photos" of Dennis, as well!  It's a big accomplishment, in short time, because filling a quartet need with the right person can be challenging. Brotherhood's unique sound, unity of spirit, along with mindset and focus to minister through music, resounds with this new 4-man team! We're excited and look forward to seeing you at a Brotherhood concert real soon. 

Concert notes: More doors opening for Brotherhood this year! In July, we head back to Sanctuary Church of God in Orlando, FL after a long time absence - look for details shortly. We trust and pray for greater things that are still to come!

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