Friday, November 18, 2016


November is that time of year for harvest and Thanksgiving holiday with family & friends. Let's not wait for special times to thank those around us and especially offer thanks to our heavenly Father. May we daily give heartfelt praise and sincere thanks to Him for all His provisions. Thank you Lord for giving! Thank you for sending your Son, Jesus Christ, as the sacrificial Lamb for us all. Thank you for America, the land of freedom we can take so likely at times. Thank you for our families, a place to worship, our jobs, our homes, plentiful food, etc. etc. Brotherhood is so grateful for ALL He's ever done for us and allowed us to do. He is always foremost in our concert ministries and our Oct./Nov events have been precious.
We were the special musical guests for a widows/widowers banquet at Central Baptist Church in Sanford. I've known churches to hold a wide variety of special occasions, but this was was a first for me! We considered it an honor and privilege to be part of remembering/honoring these folks. My mom was part of that category, so I could relate to their situations. Brotherhood had a grand old time bringing back some "oldies but goodies" that connected  so well with them. Looking forward to a return visit!
Got to see some fans at our Night of Worship min-concert at Church Alive, as well. This monthly event provides a wide variety and styles of gospel music. It includes current contemporary, well-known P&W songs, old hymnal favorites and "stump the piano player" requests. Brotherhood entwined a variety of these samples in our playlist set. It never fails that our doo-wop song, "Jesus You're So Wonderful", was enthusiastically received. Some of the guys wearing sunglasses added to the "reflective mood" created. Who says you can't have fun in church?
Well, time to close and wish everyone a blessed Happy Thanksgiving. Continue to pray for our country as we are in transition. And remember this... "Prayers don't expire".
See you down the road!!!

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