Friday, October 7, 2016


We pray that everyone in FL is safe and sound during the recent hurricane. Just received a few more photos from Brotherhood's recent NYC weekend tour. They were from Sunday PM concert at Ossining Assembly which is a short distance north of the NYC limits. I guess you could say it's the extreme suburbs and moving towards beautiful country living. The church sanctuary had some remodeling and looked great. Some of the guests included John's cousin (photo below) whose ex-military husband recently passed away. Also, Brotherhood's oldest fan, Sis. Petrina, who is 104 years old was there and I had to take a photo with her! She was accompanied by her daughter Frances whom John has known since their church youth days (still remember her 16th birthday party). 

Despite the unusual heavy traffic on a Sunday, we arrived later than expected but did not let that hinder nor dampen a wonderful evening of gospel music ministry. These dear folks were so gracious and patiently waited for us arrive - it didn't matter. It was great to see, young and old, rejoice and sing praises to the Lord! They joined right in with songs they knew such as "Mansion Over The Hilltop", "How Great Is Our God" and "Through It All".  And when we sang a fan favorite, "Roll Away", we discovered that some young ladies had created an accompaniment routine! Sitting in one row, this crew had motions to go with the chorus echo they provided - good job!! We enjoy it so much when everyone can participate and have fun in church. It's a win-win and encourages Brotherhood to give their very best.

It was a special night that ended our tour. In all churches, we witnessed the sweet spirit of God among His people who came expecting and received salvation, refreshing, renewal, rededication and calls into ministry. And His people include the pastors and staff who constantly give but also need to receive. These NY churches are reaching their communities through love and meeting their needs where they are.

As we always say, it's all for the kingdom and God's glory - lest any man should boast. Our prayer should always be that they see more of Him and less of me. God continues to open doors for Brotherhood and we appreciate your prayerful support. We look forward to seeing you "down the road" sometime real soon.

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