Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Brotherhood had a blessed time at last month's concert at Church at The Cross. Glad to make new friends and reacquaint ourselves with some long- time friends (Linda, Nelson, etc.). So good to see a bunch of churches gather for these gospel concerts and enjoy "our brand" of southern gospel harmony! New material was appreciated and well received and the classics are always a hit. We can't seem to shake them off but that's OK with us - we love them too! And, with Mel "back to the mountains", I secured the services of a good friend (Dennis) to fill in as bass singer. He did a great job with just a few rehearsals under his belt - thanks a bunch!

Hey, it's summer and time for holidays, vacations and time to enjoy God's beautiful creation. In the process, make sure you take the time to count your blessings - one by one. Remember those great songs about blessings? "Blessed Assurance", "Count Your Blessings", "Blessings", "Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored" and "Showers Of Blessings"?

"I am blessed beyond measure" are wonderful and accurate lyrics from the chart topping song "Blessed" by Karen Peck and New River. Our God has blessed us way beyond our deepest comprehension but think about those things we take for granted. Good health, loving family, steady jobs, caring friends, a warm home, food on the table, etc. and the freedom to enjoy it all living in America!
May we always be grateful for the "little things" so we truly appreciate the added blessings the Lord bestows upon His children. When you stop and take count of every single blessing you have received from God, just give Him all the thanks and praise. And it will be like Happy Thanksgiving all the time. At the same, take a moment every day to pray for America which seems to be spinning more and more out of control. In the past month in various cities we have seen so many acts of violence/accidents where innocent people hurt or dead. It's hard to grasp the actions but understand that it's all part of the prophesied end times. But God's not finished with His work so we must continue on - trusting God no matter what and keep the faith ("lean not to our own understanding").

Well that's it for now. Have a safe and enjoyable summer like I am. Took some vacation time alone with my wife and then all my family came into town to celebrate our daughters' birthday. We thank God for those little bundles of joy that have become adults! Hope to see you "down the road" at a future Brotherhood concert!

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