Sunday, April 17, 2016


Well... how is everyone doing? It's been some time since Brotherhood's last share but that happens sometimes. Circumstances, holidays, family and other priorities (so we say) surface that derail us from the important things we should take care of. So, let's get started to get you all updated with Brotherhood's news & views!! We'll use numbers this time...
  1. During the holidays, Dan (baritone/keyboard) took another mission project trip to translate the Jesus Film into the nation's native tongue. I don't remember where but he and his wife have been to Papa New Guinea, Africa and other countries that need to hear the gospel.
  2. Mel, our bass man, took some time off and was injured in the process - accidents will happen! He fractured his arm and, while recuperating/ rehabilitating, injured his foot. Praise God, none required surgery but lots of tender loving care! It also gave Mel time to grow his beard even longer.
  3. Phil (lead singer) has been back to adding material to his book on evangelism and tending to the congregational "flock".
  4. John (tenor/mgr.) has been swamped at work with a multitude of audit prep work Jan - March. Not much time for family and other activities - but able to make some time for rehearsals. Since he's been back on a normal schedule, John has been writing some new songs (or parts of them). As the Lord gives inspiration, John will typically jump out of bed, grab a pen & paper and dash to the keyboard. The ground work is then laid, and with melody and lyrics done, he can return to sleep!
  5. Brotherhood provided a short mini-concert at Church Alive in March that preceded the Sunday message.
  6. Plans are under way for a very special CD ... the best of Brotherhood! It will be include members choice selections and fan favorites over the past 12 years.
Now, you're all caught up!!! A lot has happened... and lots more happening, Lord willing.
We miss you and hope to see you "down the road" at one of our concerts. Remember to keep Brotherhood in your prayers as we proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and endeavor to advance His kingdom. In the meantime - stay safe, be blessed... and be a blessing!

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