Sunday, March 16, 2014


If the Christmas decorations are all down, then it must mean Valentine's Day has arrived. Did you treat your special someone well? Why wait until February 14th to spread that love around? That treatment should be the norm rather than the exception. If we have the love of Christ living in us, then let it rise to the top and be visible more often to everyone around us! You'd be surprised at how contagious that happy, sweet spirit can be. Wouldn't that be a nice epidemic shared around the world!! 

In February, Brotherhood had a wonderful time back at Victory Church in Lakeland and made some new friends and saw some old ones. It's been awhile but it "felt like home" singing to such grand folks! Some were regulars, some were snowbirds from up north as far as Canada (they're smart). Our doo-wop song, "Jesus You're So Wonderful" has now been given another name. Pastor Brock referred to it as the Beach Boys type song (thanks pastor) and thought "Give It Away" was a perfect song choice right before offering time! "Roll Away" continues to be a crowd favorite as well. So long as people remember them and are blessed by any of our songs, it's all worth it. Praise God!
Stay well, be blessed and be a blessing. FYI... remember to "make friends" with Brotherhood on Facebook.

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