Thursday, February 6, 2014


A belated Happy New Year to everyone and pray that 2014 be extra special for you. This year is very significant for Brotherhood; it marks our 10th anniversary in gospel music ministry! It started as a one- time singing event that has blossomed, with God's grace and favor, into a gratifying experience of reaching the lost and encouraging the body of Christ in word and song. Each member is part of the "original foursome" who have grown in Christ and brotherly bonded love during that time.

We anticipate a great year of celebration and anticipate "reunion concerts" at a few familiar churches. Recently, we made a last minute "unplugged" appearance at an inaugural senior event. We mixed some old and new music that was accapella and mainly with piano accompaniment. That's how quartets originally sang - 4 voices and 1 piano. Also, Brotherhood is looking forward to doors being opened at new churches. It's always exciting to visit these places to share our branded style of gospel music and make new friends! Lord willing, we are planning a special anniversary concert that will feature Brotherhood material over the past decade. We hope to see you sometime this year! Look for special emails and our website for calendar dates and times.
Now what are your plans for a new year? Reduce clutter, increase Bible reading, reduce weight, increase prayer, start a new hobby, etc. Some churches start with a Daniel Fast which is a great way to align your body, mind and spirit with our heavenly Father. It will be a time of refreshing, reenergizing and renewed covenants. Some need a good "kick start" to get focus and clarity that will prepare/allow us to serve the Lord in new and different ways. Decide what you can do to make 2014 productive and a blessing. You never know what He has in store for you to do!
Stay well, be blessed and be a blessing. FYI... remember to "make friends" with Brotherhood on Facebook.

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