Wednesday, December 2, 2015


It's that time of year again when the holidays just seem to roll together. First it's Halloween (my birthday) followed by Thanksgiving and, right on its' heals, Christmas arrives and the year has ended! It's become so commercial that retailers are all trying to get the advantage or edge on their competitors. 

I prefer to take things in stride and not rush everything. This is a time to not share about Brotherhood but, right now, it's time to focus on Thanksgiving. Not the parades, not the food, not the family gatherings... but rather take sufficient time to give thanks to the Lord! Thank Him for health, you career the bountiful provisions, a good family and the freedom that we all share (and take for granted) by living in America!

Try "giving forward". It's been recently done in a big way. A mother went grocery shopping and her credit card was declined or did not work, She didn't have any cash and would take too much time to go home & start all over. A gentleman, who was next in line, paid her +$200 bill without wanting any repayment. He just told her to "pay it forward" ... or do it for someone else in need.

The mother was so grateful that she wanted to show her gratitude in some way. A phone call to him would be nice but, knowing he worked at the nearby gym, she wanted to tell his boss what a great employee he was. The boss was overwhelmed but had to tell the mother some sad news. That kind man was killed in an auto accident the day after he had paid her bill! The mother decided to honor him with a special Facebook memorial that has gathered more than 10,000 friends and growing. Now that's thanksgiving - true to life! 

Thanksgiving is not only one day a year... but every day be thankful to God. He has done GREAT things!

Remember... be blessed and be a blessing.


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