Friday, June 19, 2015


We've celebrated Resurrection Sunday and Mothers' Day this spring. Now it will soon be summer and a great time to get outdoors and enjoy God's wonderful weather - blue skies, fresh air, green grass, birds singing... you know what I'm talking about! In the process, make sure you take the time to thank God for all His beautiful creation that He has provided for us. If you look real close to God's creation, you will be in awe of what amazing things God has created. A while back when I did just that, God gave me a song that I simply call "There Is God". Here's the chorus...

  "There is God in mountains high and rivers wide,

In autumn leaves that fall, a blade of grass, a babies cry.

There is God when prayers are answered whether big or small,

There is God in everything you do."

And, to top it all off, He created Man in His very image  - how awesome is that! Thank you Father, that you took the time the create all that we see... and can't see. But, above all, that you so loved us the most by creating us in you image ... and then sending your only Son to die for our sins. Thank you for bridging the gap that Man had caused since the Garden of Eden. We now know that communication and fellowship with God has been restored because of Jesus Christ! AMEN

  P.S. Keep Brotherhood in you prayers as we enter the studio to record our next CD project real soon. We're very excited and blessed to be able to continue past our 10th anniversary together in ministry. All CD projects are exciting but this one is really interesting... can't wait to get started!! 

 P.S.S. Praise God, we are returning to the NYC area in September. Plans have been working out real well, with God's help. Our bass man Mel, and our travel coordinator, has everything set and we'll be ready to go. Once again, Brotherhood will be in concert ministry at 4 churches in 3 days - Lord give us strength!!

Remember... be blessed and be a blessing.

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