Sunday, December 7, 2014


We see that another year is passing us by and 2014 was a unique year for Brotherhood. Phil busily serves as senior pastor and loves working door-to-door evangelism, Dan has made a few missionary trips as translator for the Jesus Film project, Mel is back after recuperating from a blood clot that was miraculously discovered and John is juggling work, ministry, family, Brotherhood and songwriting while recovering from laryngitis (I don't like that).

It's tough trying to rest your vocal chords while your wife is also suffering from similar ailments. And it came just as I was to sing 4 times within 8 days! With God's help, I made it through 3 of those engagements. Boy, did I need the Lord during those difficult and trying times. But it's in that quiet time, when you are alone and thinking what to do - God brings the peace and rest required!

Didn't that happen over 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem? A picture comes to mind of a small town in the dead of night. Two weary travelers, expecting their first child, arrive after a long journey seeking a warm place rest. In those days there was no telephone, no reservations - it was first come, first served. And so, with no rooms available, they settled for wherever they could lay to rest.

In that still and quiet time, the son of God was born into this world! No fanfare, no cameras, no newspaper columnists on the scene to break the news. Jesus came as no one expected but He came to bring "peace on earth and good will toward men". The prophesy was fulfilled and the wise men came bearing gifts and worship the new born King. That holy night suddenly became anything but silent and the world would never be the same again!!! Thank God for sending us His only Son to become the savior of the whole world.

Pray for Brotherhood as we continue to "labor in the fields" even when the nights are silent! For we know that "joy comes in the morning" and we await His soon return. But until then, we should all practice His presence, trust Him to see us through every situation, thank Him for providing our needs and worship/serve the Lord with all our might.

See you down the road...have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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